The Hot Guys of Hogwarts

Here’s a slideshow of random pics of some of the hot guys from the Harry Potter movies to the song “Hot” by Avril Lavigne.


  1. Hmm why is this even more awkward when I read these comments about Sean biggerstaff/Oliver Wood? Maybe, just maybe, because he is my COUSIN?! I think it's probably the fact I've known him closely my whole life but he's not that nice is he…???

  2. Tom Felton is so hot that I can't resist those blue eyes of his. He's close to my age even though he did comfort me a lot in my dreams. Daniel Radcliffe is OK, but he's MY age. He also has blue eyes like my mom. I plan to work with these handsome British actors for my movie about Hope, Harry and Draco's relationship, because I'm sick of being isolated and lonely all the time. Robert Pattinson isn't bad, but it's funny that we both like to drink Diet Coke and play the piano. He was wonderful as Cedric Diggory.

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