1. This is scene pisses me off so much as its makes me sad. Bender doesn't say anything besides one sentence, he looks defeated and so scared he's literally in the corner while an grown up adult is threatening him. The worst part is he's right, no one will take his word over his and this is just what Bender want. Someone that believe him

  2. That horrifying moment when you realize that Bender got his detentions to escape from his abusive household, but then Vernon reveals he's just as bad as Bender's father, and Bender realizes that there's no real escape from the abuse, not even in school.

  3. Accuse me of being "too woke" all you like, even when I first watched this movie as a kid in the nineties I thought to myself this piece of shit should have been fired for inciting a minor into a possible act of physical violence. As a former teacher who changed careers due to a collective lack of resources this scene still gives me chills.

  4. This part of the movie always pissed me off. Bender wasn't acting like a tough guy,…. just a kid lashing out from being a victim of abuse. What gets me 💔💔 he wasn't able to defend himself from this Punk motherfucker who's obviously a bully.

  5. id love to see Principal Vernon and Bender fight out in a field with the whole school watching and I wanna see Bender win and Bender walking away in victory and Principal Vernon lying on the ground with blood everywhere and almost covering him

  6. He’s straight up bullying Bender for not wanting to fight back, far more childish than any how any of those kids treated him. I’m also sensing he might know about his abuse at home so then he pries at his emotions by taunting and insulting.

  7. "I'm a swell guy" is probably the farthest thing from the truth that Vernon could say. I wish Bender had at least pointed that out. Doesn't look like he was able to say anything at this point though.

  8. I can see it from both angles. While I understand that it’s very inappropriate for a teacher to talk to a student this way (it’s a movie), to a degree, it was necessary and he didn’t actually hit him. I don’t believe he was planning to either. Bender has been abused in the past which is why he is a bully, but that’s no excuse to treat other people like trash and disrespect authority in a place designed to teach you. As a generation, we are so used to being catered to and protected and school (in Bender’s eyes) is the perfect place to lash out because he is allowed to believe that he is untouchable. This scene serves the right purpose because it shows that even though Bender couldn’t help his home life, he shouldn’t be an obnoxious prick and make other students and faculty miserable because it’s not their fault. Vernon just scared him into cleaning up his act, forcing him to realize that he’s not actually a tough brute, but only a scared child who needs help. This is an extreme way to demonstrate it, but in the context of this movie, I don’t think Bender ever would have gotten the picture if someone didn’t check him the way Vernon did. A vanilla approach just wouldn’t cut it. He didn’t have to lock the door afterward though lol that was just extra.

  9. This is literally abuse Bender was abused and not to mention he's a minor and this is a grown-ass adult threatening him might I say WTF this is a horrible scene It is so heartbreaking

  10. Imagine in 2019, a 43 year old "Educator", physically threatening a 17 year old child. Gotta love the '80s when discipline like this was actually okay. Also, great acting on Judd Nelson's part… he looked genuinely frightened getting threatened by an adult.

  11. Does anyone else find this scene funny haha I mean don’t get me wrong, I feel for Bender here but there’s something about the principal’s speech that’s hilarious 😂. “You’re a lying sack of shit and everybody knows it”

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