The challenge of coming out gay to Asian parents

Coming out to Asian parents can be extra hard when being gay is seen as a white, Western concept.

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  1. I am Asian and honestly my mom was born in Vietnam, but grew up in the U.S. so ye and also I haven’t told my dad my mom may have tho :(), but now, this is an edit, I have a girlfriend, and we’re both pansexual, and both very happy!

  2. The constitution or any government doesn’t give anyone the right to be accepted. No one has that right. I was bullied like hell in high school and didn’t have any friends. I was all alone for years. You don’t see me protesting that people needed to accept me. Gays, at least in America for what I know, have every right the same as every other citizen. So what are they fighting about? If someone isn’t accept by another for who they are, that person needs to move on and find someone that will, just like what I did. If one still can’t be accepted, then maybe there is something wrong with self.

  3. Poleeeeeze! This is so racist. White Western Europeans DO have to worry about their ancestors, their parents rejection, disowning them, and physically abusing them, religious guilt and shame. How dare YOU essentialize others in with a prejudiced generalization/view, yet would not want others to do the same to you.

  4. The challenge of fake news to convince people that they are really gay or trans! Keep up the programming Newsy! Your average viewers are fighting to understand the simplest concepts, a group of easily controlled vegetables that let you think for them.

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