The A School Teaser #2 (STORY IN DESCRIPTION)

Allanna has always wanted to be able to go to a nice rich fancy school. But instead she has to deal with her 6 girl classmates. Anna,
the mean one, is always picking on people but doesn’t use violence. Arianna, the fake one, is always being fake like sending fake love letters to boys to waste their time and always getting in trouble. Allyanna, the terrible depressed girl who doesn’t care about anything and is always depressed. Every time a fight happens at her school, she doesn’t even care about anything. Ally, the soft one, is a caring crybaby. She always cries when a fight happens and always tells the teacher everything and is the only caring kind girl. Anne, the violent one, is always picking on the others. She even stole her teacher’s phone! And lastly, Aria, the quiet nonstop talentless helpless girl. She is too quiet. Not a single word comes out of her mouth. But not other than that she is talentless and helpless. She makes things worst, so she takes out her anger every now and then in private when no one is looking. Hopefully Allanna can deal with girls like them. But sadly there is no escape to this school. Mrs Amelia, their teacher, locked all of the windows, doors, secret
passageways, and even the school’s basement. The girls believe that their principal is the one controlling her to do these things. But basically they have no way to stop it. And if the girls try to escape, they’ll be sent to their school’s basement to get killed. Hopefully all of the girls can survive this one hell of a school year…


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