That’s Gay: Figure Skating Is Pretty Gay

With the Olympics being over, we got to see a lot of pretty gay things. The most controversial figure skater ever is a threat to the gayest sport ever. Because there’s no crying in figure skating!


  1. Guy: figure skating is gay
    Me: cries Fine I'll stop my training ha you thought in not gonna give up

    I got into skating was guess did ya guess Yuri On Ice
    I fell in love with skating when I watched it

  2. Johnny Weir does not represent the vast majority of figure skaters. For those calling it a gay sport, I got news for you: REAL MEN ACTUALLY DO FIGURE SKATE. Since there's two to three girls for every guy in the sport, and many of these girls look hot, what normal heterosexual male wouldn't want to be in that kind of sport. It's also a very physically demanding sport. Perhaps there are some things that could be done to help the image of the sport. I think the over the top costumes are unnecessary in amateur competition (save that for shows and pros). It might be better if just plain black, gray, or navy blue jump suits were worn. Also music selection should be powerful like Russian Sailer Dance, Firebird, the Untouchables, Oh fortuna, etc. Of course the footwork and interpretation must stay because it's part of the sport. But there are a few minor things that could be done to help male skaters be viewed as the serious athletes they are rather than being viewed as pansies.

  3. I'm a male figure skater and everyone is now saying how figure skating is gay. Seriously! He only mentioned Johnny Weir! He is the one guy who is the least masculine in thus sport. Not all guys wear those weird costumes… A dress shirt is just fine. Have you seen the men lately what they wear? It's not at all the same as in the 90s. Some men like doing those moves but some men like me actually hate it, I sometimes take out really embarassing ones. Apparently it isn't masculine but you can fall from a few feet in the air on ice with no padding and people say that hockey is straight when everyone has hundreds of dollars of equipment. I'm not against any other sport, but open your eyes and realize what's new

  4. Actually screw this video and these comments. You all legitimately think throwing around a leather ball and running around till you get tackled by a bunch of Neanderthals is better than a sport where you literally launch yourself in in the air with a force equal to having a couch thrown at you, becoming a literal projectile rotating at 30 mph and then landing on a blade 1/4 inch thick with a force of a fridge crashing down on you in like four seconds? Oh yeah, plus the difficulty of there being an extremely slippery surface underneath you. Uh huh. But no. All we care about is watching fail videos and mid-air faces and talking about how 'gay' the sport is. If figure skating is gay then count me in because this is 100 times better than watching giant bags of testosterone trying to rip each other apart over a ball for three hours. Leave me here with the figure skating and homosexuals, thanks very much. Come back when you can launch yourself 4 off of the ice wearing knife shoes.

  5. I love it when they are gay cause:
    1. They have more style than you every will.
    2. They are far more attractive looking than your whole family's generation.
    3. And they have THE most fun personalities and humor.
    Your argument is invalid. Have a nice day.

  6. Of course male figure skating is wrought with gays. What guy that has a pair would want to skate around with sparkly costumes on?? Not all men who skate are gay but the ones who are make me gag cuz they accessorize their rear trying to get another man!!! DISGUSTING!!!!!!

  7. Dude you are just scared of gay people and you are jealous of how famous Johny Weir is compared to you so technically you are the gay one you fagalishious pot of gold 😛

  8. Their are only 2 gay figure skaters that I have heard of. And, figure skating is probably the hardest sport of all time balancing on 2 metal blades about 3 millimeters wide.

  9. "I'm gay, so I do like dancing, FS, and ballet." I can't believe you watch this series and yet can make a generalization like that. That's like saying "I'm straight, so I do like football, basketball, and golf."

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