Tell me about yourself – The perfect answer. Learn how to answer interview questions – with my 140 page guide Sales Interview Questions and Answers on Kindle.
Tell me about yourself? Interview skills questions and answers tutorial.
Tell me about yourself is a the most common interview question, listen to this excellent training to help you perform better and get the job you want.
The video has been created by recruitment experts, and author on the subject of interview skills.


  1. One additional recommendation would be to answer with question with "I reviewed the position and it appears to be a great match for my three of my core strengths/skills, problem solving, leadership, and driving results with data (identify your specific strengths for the position you are applying to). I am happy to discuss all three, but is their one strength you would like me to focus on that would aligns with your specific needs right now for this opening?"

    This is important because you turned your focus specifically to the role and how you are a fit, these are the critical items for the tell me about yourself question. Remember sometimes company priorities change after they post the role, don't assume that they won't have a specific skill or strength that is critical right now/today; you are allowing the interviewer to see that you are focused on their needs and removing any guess work or assumptions about what is most important to them. This strategy may only work 25% of the time, but in those instances you will be telling the interviewer exactly what they want to hear. If not, you are still focused on aligning your core strengths/skills with the position and this is always a good idea!

    I hope this insight helps!

  2. Employers want people with good communication skills??? HUMANSHIT! Not in Canada. Most of the job interviewers are new immigrants in Canada (who can't hardly speak English), and the ones who they hire are the ones who are just like them. Canada is only made for immigrants, soon Canada will become a third world country just like any other third world countries out there.

  3. I have been in rejected situations from time to time that make me so unconfident. After listening n following these advision, I hope I can get the job I want soon. Good luck to me!

  4. What if it's not necessarily a job that you want, but a job that you NEED because you're in a financial rut, and you basically just need anything to get you back on your feet and eventually into a comfortable financial position again?

    Answer that one, genius??

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