1. Valerio, I just feel that we are not addressing the real issues of the majority of Haitians in Haiti- hunger, homelessness, illiteracy, access to free education and healthcare. We need to stop copying what America is doing because America's issues are not the same as Haitian issues! Homosexuality should not be in the forefront in Haiti…this is ridiculous…a total distraction from the real problems being faced in Haiti….

  2. *Live & let live" We will all be judged by only one man? Live your life and let others live theirs. Men and women with multiple partners is unacceptable according to the bible as well. You will be judged alone. What will be your sentence bigots? Just think about it. Peace!

  3. Reading those comments below, I can notice hate and anger coming out of those mouths who talk about God and bilbles at the same time. LOL. As an Atheist, I pity such hypocrisy. That's one of the reasons good sense people are leaving churches. Most of those who think they'll go to some heaven, harbor too much hate for others while forgetting people are humans like them.

  4. People who agree with blakjak point of view is because they have a lack of EDUCATION about human SEXUALITY and IGNORANT about their brothers and sisters who are born GAY and BISEXUAL in this world. Also because of LIES , MISS INFORMATIONS they get from religions

    Once you get educated and know better etc , if you still feel hatred and anger about LGBT people that makes you a BIGOT

  5. Haitian are raise differently then Americans its not that we narrow minded but its because most haitian were raise by religious parents and also you have to understand that gay and lesbian in America is popular because America is secular open society. In fact most of the world have the same view as haitians. Most of the world dont consider homosexuality normal. Just like in haiti and throught out the world gay or lesbian is something you keep to you and yours.

  6. just because you dont agree with his view doesnt make him stupid, by you calling him ignorants and stupid only prove that you yourself is a bigot. Everyone has they opinion just because they dont match yours, doesnt mean they stupid. In fact more people in the world agree with blakjak38 point of view then you think.

  7. Yes you are a STUPID, IGNORANT , HATEFUL BIGOT who has a lot of anger. What you wrote show how much anger and hate you have. The hate that you learned is not good for your system

    People are born like that period, deal with it or go live on the moon. And everywhere you are there are GAY and BISEXUAL people

    And by the way you are not the creator of the universe, who are you to say that someone is is not OK etc. Take your JUDGMENTS and HATE stick it in your mouth and close it.

  8. I never said every gay person was abused as a child. Much like not everyone who goes out in the cold wearing just a T-shirt gets sick. There's other factors involved. Yet, you've acknowledged the former as one of the causes leading to homosexuality. The life (and energy) in the universe are possible when there's 2 opposite and complimentary elements involved. This applies to humans, animals, ans plants. That's why males and females have different sex organs. Any EDUCATED person should know this.

  9. Here on youtube there are documentaries that explain that people are born GAY, look for them here on youtube. Type " documentary about homosexuality"

    I had to reply to you because what you wrote before that was very IGNORANT, and STUPID. You wrote like someone who doesn't have much of an education , who is close minded, hateful, and bigoted

  10. I never been abuse as a child . This is what hateful, bigoted straight people usually said in order for them to back up their hates against the LGBT community

    Sexual Abuse as nothing to do with someone being GAY. There are a lot of people who'v been abused as a child and they are not GAY Yes there are gay people who'v been abuse as a child also but that's not the reason they are GAY You are born STRAIGHT , GAY or BISEXUAL

    EDUCATION is very important in order to understand human SEXUALITY

  11. Let me ask you a question: were you ever sexually abused as a child?…

    (You don't have to post your answer. Just try to recall your childhood experiences. You can inbox me if you want).

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