Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Tel Aviv travel guide all within walking distance.
video travel guide on Tel Aviv.
visit israel top city.
discover gay capital of israel.
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  1. Disgusting watching how these zionist pigs enjoy life as they allow their government to take more land and slaughter Palestinians.

    Stupid video.

  2. Its interesting to see how the Americans and British stole the this land in the name of Judaism while we see women in bikinis on the beach and people living their life like Westerners in bars. Israel is a joke, they don't give a shit about Judaism. They took this land so it would be easier for them to destabilize the Muslim world. Now watch all the people getting triggered at my comment and how they'll say I'm anti-semetic.

  3. Thanx for great video. I 'll visit Telaviv this year…was in Israel 20 yrs ago..I'm so exited.

    I have a question. Is it true that there is no transportation from Friday 16.00 til 21.00 due to Sabat?
    What currency they accept :local shekl or rather dollars. Credit /debit cards? I wanna be good prepared to avoid disappointment.
    (When I was there years ago mostly dollars people preffered).

  4. ISRAEL is a Racist Apartheid State that brutally oppresses Palestinians.

    Why would you support a country that was build by a terrorist group called the Irgun and is sustained by the terrorists of the IDF?

    Recently the Israeli army shot dead over 30 unarmed protesters. This is a Massacre. Boycott ISRAEL 🇮🇱🖕

  5. Thanks mate for a very interesting tour of Tel Aviv. I can see why bicycles are so popular, they look the perfect way of getting about the place. Jaffa looks especially interesting.

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