*Tears*: Watch as twin brothers come out to dad

Popular YouTube twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes say they made the difficult decision to come out to their father — on camera.Coming out can be a very difficult thing to do, especially when you have more than 72,000 followers on your YouTube channel. The Rhodes brothers decided to use their social platform in hopes that it will be an inspiration to others. For more information please visit


  1. The parents should know they are gay, and there's shouldn't have a big deal about it! For the boys, there's nothing to tell, it has to be told silently. Human kind should respect human kind in itself.

  2. Oh so cute people who hates you bcs you’re bi or gay they are not. Normal it’s not you’re fault that you’re gay or bi it’s who you are and you can’t change that 🥺❤️🌈

  3. Low levels of testosterone(this can occur for various reasons) ,constant brainwashing from the media and an easy western life turns men into softies and more likely to turn into or think they are gay . These two guys are gay because of combination of these reasons

  4. (son 1) dad, I'm gay.

    (son 2) I'm also gay, dad.

    (dad) fuck!! now I understand why your mother told me to send you both Mark Jacob Daisy perfume and Canel #5 and no ARAMIS and GIVENCHY GENTLEMAN aftershaves instead.

  5. I never had the luxury of acceptance from "any" member of my family. I was foolish enough to think I would get the words spoken from my brothers lips before he died…but it wasn't meant to be. I've created my own hard shell to protect me form the distaste family members have for me. I had to hold my tongue as I watched my partners family cut him off with 10 full years of silence . We both have our own stories and our own scars…..but through it all we have each other…and that has gotten us here to this point 43 years later.The Aunts and Uncles are so gone, the parents are gone and two of my three siblings. My last sibling has no contact with me. I suspect my next call from his wife will be to say he passed and not before that day. My shell is getting harder.My conscience is clear.Every attempt to make contact made. The ball is no longer in my camp. My parents both died when I just turned 16. Sometimes I say to myself their deaths spared me even more pain had they lived. What a terrible thing to say of your parents at age 16. My time left should it be a day, year or 20 years will be about me and my partner of 43 years….everything is not important.

  6. I have a baby boy, if he is gay I don't want him to feel pressure to "come out" like bitch just be out like heterosexuals ya know? Haha

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