Tarzan naked swim – 1934 – Tarzan and His Mate – Johnny Weismuller – Maureen Sullivan.

When Hollywood was making beautiful images.

An Olympic swimmer named Josephine McKim temporarily replaces Maureen O’Sullivan as Jane during the skinny dipping. With Maureen back being Jane she gets out of the water and has to tell Cheetah multiple times to “Give it to me, Give it to me.”
This scene caused the anger of all the prudes of the depression era, apparently they are back…


  1. What I find amazing about this sequence is the lack of music. It plays out like an underwater ballet, yet the only music is the sound of the water. It’s a very well shot sequence, especially for 1934.

  2. The reason the Hayes code came into effect was because Johnny weissmuller''s cock was as big as a forearm, it was gargantuan in length and girth and it would have frightened the kiddies at the matinee engagement!

  3. Maureen O'Sullivan is only in the scene when Jane rises out of the water. The actual swimming where Jane is naked has Josephine McKim who competed in the 1928 games with Johnny Weissmuller. After this movie the Hays Code was fully enforced.

  4. wow, people were much better looking back then. Just God's given natural beauty, no over-working out, no tatoos, piercings, crazy make up, etc. Just gorgeous humans the way God made them. A+

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