Tapestry – Jen Foster's Coming Out Story

Singer/songwriter, Jen Foster tells how she came out to her parents.

Watch “This Is Me” music video for the song Jen has dedicated to Tapestry:

ABOUT TAPESTRY: Tapestry is a source for the progressive and alternative communities to connect with the latest news about non-mainstream entertainment, the arts and fashion trends focusing on self discovery and weaving it all together into a tapestry of the human experience in our time.


  1. I have been a Jen Foster Fan for about two years now. Thank you Jen for telling your story. It will help so many people. Your music is so real! I love your voice and your song/ writing. I am hoping that more of the world will hear you!

  2. I wish. We first found her when we heard her on Venice Beach and then bought a bunch of her songs and have been fans ever since. Just missed her shows with Patrice Pike! 🙁 We'll think about adding our own stories. Thanks!

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