Swallowing 🤤😋

Ok so Whenever I suck any guy off I almost always swallow their load after. It always turns the guys on and I love doing it. I honestly kinda see it as easy clean up haha. But I’m interested in everyone’s thoughts on swallowing after a blowjob.

Do you personally enjoy it? Do you do it for the guys you blow? Is it gross for some people?


  1. Yes I will, unless you are a smoker. Did tha once it was the most awful tasting cum ever, like licking an ashtray. I have just decided no sucking for guys who smoke, actually just don’t get together with smokers period.

  2. I’ve swallowed for guys I know. I find it extremely hot and sexy to do. Plus the guy I’m blowing loves it too. Guess I kinda look at it as a way of easy clean up too but I do like the taste of cum.

    When I’ve gave random hook ups blowjobs I didn’t always swallow. Was worried about STDs so I’d usually finish them off why my hand

  3. If a guy doesn’t swallow it’s a hard pass from me. Nothing like a perfectly good blowjob ending in a shitty handjob to make sure I never see you again.

  4. Swallowing is nice and its true that it just gets the cum out the way but every now and then i just need to feel his load on my face.

  5. I wonder if anyone is ever concerned about the possible diseases. I think it’s a hot fantasy but never did it. Too afraid of he disease it might give me.

  6. It’s weird. Some guys I’ll swallow, some I’ll spit. I don’t know why the distinction, and I usually don’t know right until the load is in my mouth.

  7. The only time I don’t swallow is when he wants to cum in my face.

    I love when a guy says he’s going to give me a cumshot.

  8. In fantasy and in thought, sure. All for it.

    In real life, it tastes like bleachy battery acid and get that shit away from me

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