Coming Out On Top (COOT for short) is a gay dating sim with awesome visuals and SEXY DUDES. You play as a student named Mark (or in our case, Schween) who is coming out for the first time. Will the only D we see be in our grades or will it end up in our… you get the idea.

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  1. My family is homophobic and I am not really considered normal. my two older sister, best friend and therapist are the only ones that know. However I have come out to my mom and she said that my crushes were just the desire for a friend… This response was the second time I came out. I love the hell out of my family though. Siblings on my dads side openly call me gay slurs and always question me about my love life and sexuality. I haven't even come out on that side yet they all have their suspicions. I fear this is a huge reason we don't talk much anymore. I am gonna start telling more friends I feel I can trust cause that makes me feel better.

  2. Hearing you say that you really like the name Alex made me c r y because my name is Alex :')
    ( Technically Alexandra, but everyone calls me Alex ) T h a n k Y o u F o r T h a t

  3. Your video is hilarious. Loved the voices. Plan on watching the subsequent episodes.
    Btw, in the US, rubbernecking usually happens when you're driving your car and you pass an accident on side of the road, you look over then look back to the road in front of you, look over, look back, over, back. That's rubbernecking.
    Also, I tried Lagavulin Scotch once. It smelled and tasted like turpentine. No lie.
    Looking forward to watching more of your hilarious commentary.

  4. You know another fun thing about playing the other storylines aside from Ian is observing his facial expressions. You can tell he's jealooous every damn time which makes your relationship with him the most adorable among all of them, I mean he was your bestfriend after all.

  5. I've been watching the let's plays of this game for the past week (it's been taking over my life), and I realized that I haven't watched the beginning and the coming out scene it contains yet.
    And I have to say, as a (mostly) closeted college senior myself, that whole "my life feels like it is someone else's" speech is relate-able as fuck. Perfectly describes my feelings every time I look in the mirror. /self pity party

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