Submissives, would you find it exciting to submit to someone you despise in everyday life?

Let’s say you know someone very good looking who happens to have political views or personality trait that you can’t just simply ignore and thus, they trigger you beyond imagination.

Would you find it exciting to serve them in the most intimate way while they smile down at you, smugly?


  1. Yep. I used to get fucked regularly by the guy who was my school bully. I can’t stand him. But he was hot (and he knew it) and he was dominant and considered himself very superior. It made me feel even more submissive than usual going over to his place knowing I was willingly worshiping a total dickhead.

    Only stopped because he moved away. I still jack off to the memory 😉

  2. Well I’m a dom, but I would love to destroy the ass of some cunt corporate type I can tell is a lowkey sissy. I would not be as gentle as I would be otherwise

  3. I have a kind of cheeky disdain for one guy that might work.

    Then there’s the one I actually hate. I would rather shove their own foot up their ass while it was still attached to their leg.

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