Straight guy with a hardcore fantasy

Throwaway account, given, y’know, I’m engaged and getting married to my fiance in a few months.


For about two years now I’ve regretted never trying have sex with another man. Would love to bottom for a few guys and know what it feels like to have my ass stuffed by a massive cock. So far, I’ve only fingered my ass or used a dildo up my ass, always when I’m solo. I feel like I’m missing out.


Anyways, I’ve had this fantasy for a long time and I feel compelled to share it. I want to be gang banged hard by 6-7 muscled men. I want everything. I want 2-3 cocks taking turn at filling up my ass, while some guy goes down on me, and I’m going down on 2-3 cocks at the same time. I want to have guys finish inside of me, blow their loads in my ass, and then finger my ass and force feed me their cum. I want to have a bunch of guys cum deep in my throat or all over my face and force me to lick myself clean. I want to have someone shove his asshole in my face and force me to like it endlessly. Essentially, I want to be treated like a slut.


  1. Man, you should consider either telling your fiance or not getting married.
    I’m a bi guy and I can honestly say that if I had married a woman and not ever been with a man, my life would not have been as sexually fulfilled as it is. Being with a man, particularly a man I loved, was the most sexually fulfilling, life changing experience of my life.

  2. Hey, that’s my fantasy too! I would love to have that happen.

    Anyway, sexual compatibility is important in a marriage!

    I think you should be honest with your fiancé. Tell her about your attraction to men and about your fantasy. Find out if she would be willing to indulge it. If not, it’s a red flag for this relationship, and you two might be better off apart.

    I’m not sure if you should tell her before the wedding, but for God’s sake, tell her before you have kids!

    Honestly, the fact that you haven’t told her yet is a bit of a red flag. But the sooner you do, the better.

  3. I think honestly to be curious and act upon having sex with another gender does not make you gay. For me it’s about love. I am married and extremely happy in my marriage to a woman. I have friends (male) I would love to be intimate with. I have lusted both.. I could however never fall in love with the opposite gender, that is why I know I am not gay.

  4. Damn! That’s my fantasy too! Except I’m one of the tops. I always wanted to fuck a guy in a similar scenario. I’m fucking him while he’s getting sucked off and 2-3 other guys are feeding him their cocks down his throat and blowing their loads in his face.

  5. I would say you’re at least bi curious.. I would recommend trying something with a guy to gather your thoughts and get it out of your system. Not sure I agree with those that suggest you don’t get married or that you have to tell her. I know I have loved a woman, not told her, not was totally monogamous and the thought of another man or woman did not cross my mind.

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