Straight Guy Reacts To My Nudes | Calum McSwiggan

Straight Guy Reacts To Gay Guy’s Nudes: Gay men are often shamed for sending nudes but taking naked pictures is becoming more and more normal and far less shameful. Today we talk about gay guys and gay nudes and subject my poor friend Jaackmaate to some of my naughty naked photographs. Subscribe for more gay and LGBT+ videos here:

We talk gay sex education over on Jaackmaate’s channel, check it out here:

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  1. I have had some experience like that before but not as clinical as this one. You made me laugh real hard here for so uncomfortable your friend was. We have to give your friend a medal most straight guys would have ran away after the very first pic. LOL

  2. FYI to all those who d not want anybody else (especially strangers) to see naked pictures of themselves: please do NOT takeΒ naked pictures of yourselves. Evan if you delete the nude photos, someone could hack into your phone and retrieve those pictures.

  3. Oh, I can see why people say you resemble Dave Franco now – it's when you laugh with your whole mouth. Similar lips/teeth. Also, this was hilarious.

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