Story of something I did that may be odd and a question about sex toys at the end of post

Okay so, I’ll start with my story of tonight. So as I’ve said in previous posts, I do in act prefer girls, but I’m very curious towards what sex with a guy would be like. In the past year I’ve tried to finger myself, in the shower sine I don’t own lube, and it hasn’t exactly been pleasant, but also not bad. I just don’t get the pleasure in it, despite wanting to try to bottom. But tonight I got a little bit curious of what something else would be like. I didn’t want to use my finger, I’m not wanting sex yet, and I own no toys. So I grabbed what would be similar to such and grabbed… a hot dog. I know that sounds weird but trust me, it actually worked for me. It’s something longer than my finger and bendy so it can wiggle around a bit. I had no discomfort and for once I didn’t feel like pooping or farting after. There was one point where it got too far and I couldn’t reach it, but I had the idea to push it out and the feeling of it slipping out was quite nice actually. Of course I had to stop once it started to fall apart lol.

I guess the point of this is for me ask if anyone else has tried to use something not quite normal as a sex you, whether that be anally or for your penis. And is what I did kinda weird? I got curious.


  1. I think nothing should really be weird in sex, there are just things that many people commonly enjoy and things that are a bit more niche. Probably using a hot dog as a sex toy is not very common (but I’m sure there’s plenty of that on the Internet…)
    The real problem is, using food as a sex toy could be a bit unsafe – it carries germs, it can break and get stuck into your rectum… Dildoes on the other hand can be cleaned more thoroughly, don’t break and some of them have a flat base that prevents them from being pulled all the way in.
    I would advise you to buy at the very least some lube (fingers without lube = ouch) and maybe a small dildo, and experiment with that.

  2. Well, I’m sure we all have stuck some household item where it shouldn’t at some point (ahem condom on a toilet paper holder rod), but it’s best to use lube and a toy made for it.

    Maybe look at a jelly dildo. Sound like something you might like. But overall, get some good lube, the last thing you want is a tear or an fissure down there.

    And yeah, having food where it shouldn’t be could turn into a huge issue with bacteria.

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