Stereotypology: Nerdy Asian Guys

The stereotype of the nerdy Asian guy with zero sex appeal isn’t just pop culture make believe. It’s the product of a century of anti-Chinese and Japanese government policy.

Asian American Sexual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality By Rosalind S. Chou

Chinese American Masculinities: From Fu Manchu to Bruce Lee. By Jachinson Chan

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  1. I'm pretty happy u did a video like this and ur line was perfect-"Seeing people as people and not punchlines" Growing up with everyone treating me as an exotic animal really warped my world view but I'm really glad that in this last decade, people can finally begin to see asian men as humans. Ur video makes me hopeful that new generations of asian men can live their life unbiased

  2. White women may be put on the pedestal and glorified but they are NOT the most desirable.
    The vast majority of Asian men were not and are not attracted to white women.
    If anything many white men were and still are obsessed and sexualized eastern Asian women more than any other groups.
    The white pigs and western media historically hypersexualized Asian women and exoticised Asian cultures. It was the only form of interracial pairing that was tolerated and allowed to be seen back then.

  3. I care about the occassion to say "who cares?" and so this is it. Stereotypes, races and sex, Asian is never about this illusionary existence in westerners mind.

  4. Fantastic video succinctly explaining the media portrayal of East Asian men and the history of Asian American (in a nutshell). Thank you for making this!

  5. Asians aren’t necessarily smart to be honest. They’re book-smart. A lot of the time Asians lack common sense. I know that may come off as racist but there are literally places like Chinatown, where ASIANS are constantly crossing the street illegally. If Asians were, “smart”, then you would hear Asian billionaires who are mentioned often, no? So in the end Asians aren’t as smart as people really think them to be.

  6. I wish that you hadn't focused in so much on the math; I think that there's a lot more truth to the "nerdy" side of this stereotype than to the unattractive side, and the trend doesn't seem to be changing. From my perspective, Asians being in mathematics and science roles in movies as more of a reflection of an ongoing in-balance in the real world, with the other aspects (such as lack of sex appeal) being the real assumptions being attached. So far as I can tell, this largely comes from an upbringing that both encourages entry into the field AND prepares them for it by training them for the sort of memorization and repetition that is important for mastering it.

    To give a specific example, I am attending a college that is approximately 1/10 Asian, and yet the number of Asians in my Computer Science and Math class I would approximate as one-quarter of the class or more. Compare that to my art courses where it skews much closer to that actual 10%, if not less.

  7. Still blaming the white man I see. This is divide and conquer Marxist style. Hey Asian Americans just remember that Democrats came up with the Chinese exclusion act, Japanese internment and JFK & LBJ gave us the Vietnam war. Dems started KKK as well. Also remember that Jewish liberals control Hollywood and the media not uncle Cletus from middle America. The Asian stereotypes comes from liberal backed Hollywood. So remember the next time you vote left you vote for your own enslavement. Libs already have the blacks and browns enslaved and now they are going hard for Asian Americans.

  8. This video is relevant and most people who are watching this have no idea what its about. The most common male Asian stereotype are the overly rich, educated but ignorant Feurdai. You know them, you see them. Driving their exotic cars, 5 pack-a-day smokers, without jobs, living off their parents money.

    Unfortunately this stereotype is quickly being realized and justified.

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