Stealth Cannabis Grow Intro: Gorilla Glue Autoflower Grow in Bedroom Closet

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What up GreenBox Growers and welcome back to the most lit cannabis growing Channel! Now today I am really stoked because I am going to be starting a brand-new grow series and this one is going to be a stealth home-grow. So if you are someone who really wants to grow cannabis at home but you need to be very secretive or hidden about it, this is going to be the perfect groceries for you. So I’m going to be growing inside of my closet over here with a two-by-four tent as well as a small 2×2 seedling tent, but if you have an empty cabinet or cupboard or something like that, that is also perfect place to have an indoor stealth grow.

Now over the course of this grow series I will cover all of the steps you need to cover in order to make sure that your grow is extremely stealth and hidden from everybody but yourself. But if you want to see more details about that right now just check out My video that is listed on the intro to growing cannabis video page. Now before I get started with the grow and want to give you guys a quick overview of the products I will be using for this series. So first off I will be growing some Gorilla Glue plants, and these genetics come from Growers Choice seeds and these are going to be autoflowers. So I’ve got five seeds in her that I started germinating already and then I’m going to pick the four best ones to plant.

I will be growing in a 2 by 4 tent in my closet and then I also have a Seedling and cloning tent in there for when they are earlier on in the germination and see the process. For lights I’m going to be using a 600-watt Meihzi grow light and will  possibly be adding a 900 watt viparspectra LED or some 300 watt Mars Hydro that I have a lot of those lying around. Now I want to give a huge shout-out and thank you to Meihzi for sponsoring this grow series with one of their 600w LED grow lights. So we will be using that over the course of this grow series and testing that out to show you what kind of results you can get with their product. And if you want to see more details about what they offer and they’re LED grow lights, just check them out on their Amazon page here at this link, or you can check it out the description down below here.

Now for the soil I will be using some Fox Farm ocean forest and then for the nutrient lineup I’ve got the advanced nutrients Trio right here. So just  the basic line up so you guys can see what kind of results you can get from as well, and then for the pots I’ve got three of the 3-gallon air route spots, and then one of the one gallon air root pots. And that will be cool because we can see the differences in blood results based on the different pot sizes. Finally I will be adding some CO2 bags to this grow, I have a couple of the exhale ones so I will be adding those into the grow tent once they are in the vegetative state. And I will also be using some LST on these plans so we can really maximize their yields and get some really big buds growing on them.

All right GreenBox Growers, so that officially concludes the seedling phase for our first-ever stealth grow series here at GreenBox Grown!  And again if you want to continue watching the full grow series, you will have to sign up for our premium content section at the link right here on the screen. And when you sign up for that that comes with a two-week free trial so you can browse our full video library for free!

I will be back shortly with that week 1 of vegetation video for these Gorilla Glue autoflowers, so be sure to sign up for that two-week free trial so you can get ahold of that right when it comes out! As always, thank you guys for watching, I hope you enjoyed this week’s video, and until next time…

Happy Growing!!!

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  1. Did you put the the little blocks in the siol? When transplanting?im a new grower so any advise is very helpfull , thanks

  2. Yeah, you're supposed to plant the autoflower seed directly into its final pot. Transplanting shocks it and it's on a very strict time schedule.

  3. Ill be doing a very similar setup. Are you using a carbon filter on this setup? is the 4in fan (assuming you use a 4inch fan) is it loud? ill be doing the 2×4 tent same as you in my bedroom closet, also wondering about smell. The closet is 2,5 x 8 and im doing the 2×4 tent – is it ok if it vents into the closed closet for smell and then recycles that air basically? any help would be dope

  4. All this info is super helpful. I have been looking for the video about the grow series where you use the canadian water soluble feed for seedling, groe and flower.

  5. The mars hydro 300w is what a “friend” of mine uses for seedling/veg . But he says they are pony for flower. Led cobs are the way to go apparently.

  6. Me and my dad used to grow his old seeds from the 70s he always keep them in a bag in a container.i just started half my grow room half of the old seeds .im old school with growing used to used fish formulas.and t8s bulbs can i still grow my old school ways and use new formulas with the same set up ..thx

  7. I have never used a humidity dome for my seedlings, always just potted them up and put the under the light. Good video bro. 👍👍👍👍 I am doing ,17 critical xxl on day 22, seedling are about 6inches tall now. Thinking about getting exhale bag to try and boost yield.

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