South Carolina trainer staring and craving Bruce Ellington

Power of mighty black men on white girls and women!


  1. Retarded video
    1.) The description is a race bait
    2.) Looking at someone and smiling means you crave them? Rubbing your chest too? If thats the case then black women certainly love metis men.
    3.) People in the comments sure love to race bait, or just be racist towards whites… very sad thing

  2. You can have all the white girls you want cuz, I'm not mad. White girls don't do it for me.. And if you do get with a white girl, be prepared to do everything for her. And be prepared for head games, followed by a life of insecurities and paralyzing self-doubt.. I'll take the older Hispanic woman who works hard, pays attention to you, and is killer in the sack..

  3. This video has hurt a WHOOOOLE lot of crackers feelings. 😂😂😂😂 don't get mad. It's a well known fact that EVERY white bitch wants to experience black meat. You piglet looking crackers just gotta accept it and move on…

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