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I Met Dieske – a solo female backpacker in Hoi An in Vietnam. A true throwback to the traditional notion of a Backpacker, from the budget travel, eating with locals, hitchhiking, to even sleeping outside! We tried to capture her free spirit for a few minutes and share it with you all through an intimate Connect session where she answers questions submitted for Backpackers by our amazing Cuecard subscribers.

Through her experience as a solo female traveller, she shares her backpacking advice on safety when travelling as a woman, her thoughts on society, travel stories around the best thing a local has ever done for her and if she prefers solo travel or group travel as a single woman.

I hope you enjoy this Backpacker episode and also hope Dieske inspires you in the same way she inspired us. If you enjoy the episode or if it provided you with value in any way then share it with a friend today!

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  1. Dieske has such a big heart and is a free spirit in the truest sense! Hope you guys enjoy the episode and let us know what travel tips you have!

    Also to add a fresh dynamic to your feed, then be sure to subscribe to our channel where we're hitting the streets to create and share fresh episodes every week!

    Lance and Les – Team Cuecard

  2. Hey Lance, Happy to meet you here. I'm a fellow solo traveler and YouTube vlogger.
    Not a backbacker, but am proud to say I'm 40 and have been living in many different countries for the past 16years.
    Usually stayed in a country from 6 months to 4 years. Now, I travel more and stay 2-3 months.

    All my video's are about adjusting to a new country easily. Meeting new people and living a freedom lifestyle.
    Connect with the locals for the time you stay there is what makes me feel at home every single time.
    Friendships are around the world make it so worth it.

    I'm happy to have found you and you've gained a new subscriber too 🙂

    Happy Journey!
    Rachel Smets

  3. This video is amazing, such a nice style and concept. This young lady is so brave and very inspiring. Good luck on your travels Dieske and thanks for sharing Cuecard

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