So it’s time to talk about Bottom Heat again

Hello, do you or someone you know experience Bottom Heat? Do you, or your loved one experience a sudden and inexplicable urge to stuff your or their butt with whatever can even remotely fit? well let’s talk about.

So, I’ve been going into heats seasonally for a while now and I’ve been trying to find a pattern in the madness. I did a post about Bottom Heat a year or so ago and I got a lot of responses from bottoms and tops(about their bottoms) about going into heat. I was wondering if any of you guys had noticed any details or patterns about Heats. mostly I just have that it usually happens in the spring for me and lasts about a month. I’ve also noticed it tends to affect bottoms that have always been bottoms (usually total bottoms). I was hoping to get any details like when does it happen? has it happened more than once? is it very intense, moderate, or mild? do you experience any mood changes? have you noticed any catalysts? and anything, i mean ANYTHING else about it that you think is worth mentioning.

for anyone wondering I describe bottom Heat as Having an Intense desire to be fucked/have something in your butt, coupled with masturbation/penile stimulation being ineffective at reducing horniness, regardless of the frequency of masturbation. often It doesn’t go away until you’ve been fucked or used a dildo usually multiple times.


  1. I thought I was the only one who gets this. I’ve experienced this for years. It’s like I go through a 1, maybe 2 week phase of it every couple of months. I can’t even sleep properly during this time. It’s like a constant urge to be getting fucked or bred over and over.

    I even wake up during the night with my legs spread, and/or up.. as if waiting for someone’s shoulders to rest on. I even notice my legs subconsciously spreading slightly when I see an attractive man in public or online or whatever during this time.

    Thanks for describing perfectly something I’ve always failed to Haha

  2. I go into heats more or less once a month, and it lasts for a week or two.

    I know the triggers and I try to activate them:

    1 Feel clean inside and outside. Douching and psyllium husk have helped a lot with this, and I always shover before touching the beed and have clean sheets as often as possible, it really helps.

    2 Be relaxed and out of worries: Self descriptive, I work enough and do all I can to not have to worry about my work, taxes, whatever. I don’t leave things that need doing unnattended, go to the gym regularly and eat well.

    3 Have something or someone that gets me horny: BF takes care of that 🙂

    If everything is meet usually I just wake up in heat, or I get it half nigth.

  3. Dude! Yes!!

    For me it’s every few months. I get a huge urge to find the nearest hottest guy and drain him. I’m normally a powerbottom who can take big cock….but during my heat I get this insatiable sexual appetite. I’ve worn out my bf, and he calls it “powerbottom week”. I’ve literally been fucked until he’s drained and I begged for more haha. It helps that we play with others, but for me it’s all I think about. For about two weeks all I think about is dick, ass, cum, balls….

    I see random cute/hot and even ugly-cute guys and wonder if they top. How they fuck. Will they enjoy my bubble ass. How big are they. Etc. My bf loves when I get like this because he gets to struggle fuck me and my ass gets naturally loose. I can’t explain.

  4. I’m bi and I definitely have moments where I’d rather get fucked than do the fucking (I prefer bottoming with a man). I have a fwb that I hit up whenever I need a good load shit in my ass about every other month

  5. Vitamin D aids in testosterone production, which in turn boosts your libido, which is why you’re “in heat”. You naturally produce vitamin D just by going outside, so if you’re hornier in spring, that’s why.

  6. Im a vers top. I very rarely want to bottom but ever 2 months or so (sometimes as long as 6 months) watch the fuck out. I turn into a full on power bottom and the nearest nice dick I can get my hands on usually gets shoved onto the nearest floor or mattress and ridden for as long as It can stay hard.

  7. O sure. When it comes on the only remedy is to satiate the desire with a good sesh with dildos of various sizes. The satiation is alas only temporary. I have to wait for a period in which I have sufficient to get high and indulge myself for several hours with the largest objects if the desire is to be fully vanquished for a month or two.

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