So I kinda lost my anal virginity

Met with this guy and decided to finally I should just man up and take a dick in the ass.

We kissed got on the bed and started sucking him off it was nice strange feeling. Then we started to foreplay I was fingering my bum for a couple of minutes then when 3 of my fingers went in nicely he finally put it in.

It was amazing although a little bit painful but over time the pain was getting away until. He put it in all the way. Idk my gut was in the way or what but I couldn’t take it full only 3/4 but that was amazing with every pump of his I felt like my dick was about to explode.

After a half an hour he came inside me(in his condom) and I just lied there completely satisfied yet I didn’t even cum. I tried to jerk off but my dick was just not in the mood.

Even hours after I left I felt like something was missing from me (definitely from my butt lol).


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