Snowshoeing and looking for wildlife in Jasper National Park! ❄️🐾 Gay Travel Video

We went showshoeing and looking for wildlife in Jasper, Alberta during our boyfriends vacation in this beautiful destination that’s in a Canadian National Park! Check out what we got up to on our last day there in this video and follow me on Instagram at or get handwritten postcards from me mailed to you by signing up at 📮

With this new vlogging style I’ve changed the name of these videos to be Travel Tuesdays. The Travel Tidbits still exist because those 3 minute voiceover versions still air on the Canadian LGBT TV station OUTtv – they still upload them to their YouTube channel a couple days after these versions go up on my YouTube channel so if you want to learn more about the places we visited in this video see the TV version at

On Thursday we’ll be back here on my channel with a Hotel Hangout where we chat with you from our hotel room and then next Tuesday we’ll bring you along with us on another day in Tucson! See all of our previous destinations at

Featured in this video:
Whistler’s Inn –
SunDog Tours Wildlife Discovery Tour –
Jasper Skytram (and snowshoeing) –
The Jasper Brewing Co –

Thanks to Tourism Jasper for helping to coordinate our trip –

Everything in this video was shot on my iPhone 8 Plus! I’m a Team TELUS Advocate so they’ve got me covered with great gear and plans to document my travels and stay connected when I’m on the go!

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  1. That was beautiful. Those views on the ground & when you took the tram up for lunch was absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing the snow when I’m indoors. Your room & accommodations were so inviting. I envy you the chance to travel. Enjoyed it.

  2. What a great video it looked amazing there and did I see poutine? My favorite I’ve never really been a fan of cold weather destinations but this just changed my mind just gorgeous

  3. Oh man poutine with a view! Guys the view from that restaurant was absolutely gorgeous! Wow the food at Jasper brewing looked so tasty! You guys seem like you had an amazing time, we're looking forward to watch more of your videos.

  4. Not sure if you were also aware or noticed, but if you looked down on the town of Jasper from atop the sky tram at Whistlers Peak, you would see that it is shaped like the letter J.

  5. Oh my god you're cool!! I don't know why you don't have more followers than this!🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈(Also I'm 14 and part of the lgbt community)

  6. I think I could spend quite a while in Jasper…….and that somehow sounded really weird!
    This place is not only beautiful, but it seems to me the people living there a quite open and warm
    And that mountain view… die for!
    Thank you for this amazing video!!

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