Hey guys! In this vlog I go through all of Eloise’s clothes, pack away her small ones, and bring out the new ones. And I share how I organize our tiny nursery without a closet! Eloise splashes in her paddling pool and I talk about a recent nursing strike. Hope you guys enjoy this day in the life vlog. Don’t forget to subscribe! 😘

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  1. Hi! new sub here :)I've been baking and watching your videos all day Eloise is so beautiful!
    I have a 2 year old little girl, Emma <3
    I do lifestyle videos too but i haven't uploaded that much yet, i have to get used to it lol
    Have a nice day, xoxo from Italy

  2. I am loving your videos so much dis days, recently i discovered you & am pregnant now and kind of tutoring myself about what life would be after baby through your videos, and your baby is sooo cute 😊

  3. I love catching up on your videos when I get downtime! Isn’t it such a heartbreaking thing to put away baby clothes that don’t fit? I did this the other day and I teared up realizing that my baby girl is growing 💔 I honestly wasn’t prepared (and she’s only two months!)

  4. I love bangs and I always have them in some way, so I'm biased, but I think curtain bangs would look great on you! It would be super easy for a stylist to trim yours that way, too. 🙂

  5. Glad to hear she's BF again! I got really sad both times I had to stop – oldest was 13mo when he weaned and youngest was 3 mo (because of medical reasons). It's such a beautiful relationship. And I feel ya with the clothing. My 5 mo old is already transitioning out of 9 mo clothing and I just can't handle it.

  6. I'm pregnant and your videos make me so happy, they're so adorable. It makes me even more excited to be a mom. Also, your bangs look really good pinned back out of your face!

  7. Raw rhubarb is poisonous, I believe. Maybe do a bit of research on that? I'm not too sure. Thanks for the video. I love watching other people organize for some reason. Haha.

  8. Not sure if you’re using the banana boat sunscreen, but Health Canada put out a warning on it. Apparently it’s causing caustic burns on babies faces. Love the longer vlog 👍🏻

  9. I gave birth at the hospital the first three times, two times with an epidural. And I didn't have very good experiences. The first time I was in more pain because my epidural wore off. The second time my contractions stopped after having the epidural and it took another 30 ours before I had my baby in my arms. With my third son I almost gave birth at the parking lot near the hospital, baby was in distress and pooped in the amniotic fluid. It was very stressful for me. So with my last pregnancy I decided I wanted to have a homebirth, and on my terms. Within 4 ours I had my baby boy in the birthpool. There was a doktor and a midwife and a nurse with me. And my mother and sister were there too (And hubby in the pool😉). I was very relaxed and my body took over. It was the most intense, peaceful moment of my life. And I would recommend it to anyone who doubts about having a homebirth.
    Love the long vlogs!😁
    Eloise looks so cute and happy. Love watching her.😍

  10. We traveled a lot with our daughter when she was an infant, including a few cross country road trips. I recommend planning for double the time to make the trip. It usually doesn’t take quite that long, but try to stop every hour or so to take her out and let her stretch. If she is sleeping, just drive right though, but take her out for feeding and stretching etc. also, it’s helpful if you can set up a diaper changing station on your trunk or another flat part of the car so you don’t have to use the growdy gas station changing tables. Frequent stops and a few fun new toys have helped us to have several long and enjoyable road trips with our babe

  11. OMG – had to edit. Eloise in that paddling pool is so ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Such a funny little snuggle-bug. As an aside, my cousin who has a brain the size of a small planet breast fed til he was 2 – his Mum was a nurse and raised 3 kids prior to him….guess it works!

  12. did she go through all her early stage clothing ? like newborn/3-6 ? was there clothes she never got a chance to wear ?
    im asking because my baby has already gotten so much clothes (hand-me-downs), he's not even here yet AND we haven't had the baby shower 🤦 i feel like im going to be overwhelmed by the amount of clothes he has 😅 lol

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