Slept With Straight Best Friend

I’ve been friends with this guy since college, and something happened recently that has caused me to question our friendship. We’re both straight, masculine, good looking, and had only had sex with girls, although he knew I had a curiosity and openness to sexual experiences with a guy. He just joined the military and has been having a rough time adjusting, so I went to visit him last month. On the third night we were in his apartment drinking and became pretty drunk. I sat down in his huge recliner, and when he walked by I told him to come sit with me, put my arm around his shoulders, and he continued to vent about military life. We weren’t too intimate, just one bro trying to comfort another, then he looks as me and says “We’re both straight, but I have no idea what’s gonna happen tonight.” I could see his boner through his pants, so I said we should go to bed.

We were both really drunk on whiskey by this point, so he lays down with his head at the foot of the bed and puts my hand on his bulge then grabs my bulge with his other hand. It felt awkward because we’d never done this before (Where do you touch a guy? How do you touch a guy? Why do I want to keep going? Will it mess up our friendship? Does it mean we’re gay?) Realizing that this went from 0-100 in about 3 minutes, I start unzipping his pants and pull them down to reveal his boner in his boxer briefs. I pull his underwear down, and his dick was average but rock hard, so I start stroking him. He then sits up and pulls my head down to his dick, and thrusts it in my mouth. He then lays back down and lets out a moan. I just sit between his legs sucking his dick like I would want mine sucked, applying pressure, swirling my tongue on the head, and gently caressing his balls, which were disproportionately larger than his penis.

After about 10 minutes, I could taste precum, and I was super turned on myself, so I continue sucking while I take off my jeans. For some reason, I just really wanted to make him cum. He says that he’s really horny, and I was too. It was just a very raw and masculine bonding experience, not romantic or emotional. Not knowing what I was thinking or doing, I ask him if it’s ok if I sit on his dick. I’d been curious before about what it felt like, and his was on the smaller side, and I knew I might never get another chance to experience something like this because I’m not interested in dating men, and I was feeling particularly open-minded with the alcohol. He just nodded and smiled.

His dick was already pretty wet, so I strattled his body and squat down until I could feel the head on my ass. I went down a little farther until it started pushing in. I was going very slowly and had a couple brief pauses while I held myself up on the bed. He then reaches around and grabs my ass cheeks, spreading them apart, and his dick slides right in. We both let out moans at the same time, him saying it was “so warm” and “tight.” It’s hard for me to describe the sensation other than “wow.” It felt amazing.

So I get on my knees and start riding up and down. He started stroking my dick, but I pulled him away because I could cum at any second. I just move up and down for a couple of minutes until he pulls me down on him in a “hug,” and we roll over so he’s on top of me. He then pulls out and slowly puts it back in. He does that a couple more times, and it felt so good I couldn’t move or say anything.

After a few minutes of slow thrusting, he started pounding it hard. He was definitely hitting the spot. I had a warm sensation in my groin area, and looked down to see streams of cum coming from my dick. He looked down too and said “Yeeeeaaa,” like I had just made a 3-pointer, as he continued fucking me. By this point there was a lot of cum on me, and I hadn’t really finished yet. After a few minutes, he leans down and asks if he can “finish inside.” I nodded. So he grabs my hands and raises them above my head, pinning me to the bed while he continues thrusting. We’re both soaking wet from sweat, and he’s panting pretty hard. He then closes his eyes and lets out a moan as I feel his dick pulsing in my ass. He’s breathing pretty hard. It’s like I could feel the vibration of all the cum shooting deep inside me. He slows down the thrusts and grabs my dick and starts stroking it. With him inside me and stroking me, I came in about 10 seconds, shooting cum all the way to the wall about 5 feet behind my head. He pulls out and we laugh as he fistbumps me. We then slide under the covers and fall asleep.

The next morning he turns over and slides down under the sheets. He puts my dick in his mouth and starts giving me one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever had. He slides his finger in my ass, and I tell him I’m about to cum. So he uses more pressure and strokes quicker until my cock just explodes in his mouth. I can hear him swallow and he continues sucking until there’s nothing left. He came up and laid down beside me again.

We had sex a few more times that week, a couple days doing it 3 times with me topping once. I really enjoyed this experience but know that I can’t fall in love with another man. The physicality of it was something that you can’t get with a girl. It’s like because we’re both guys, we knew what each other would want. So I’m having trouble reconciling this experience with my normal preference. I have trouble even identifying as bisexual because I’m so much more attracted to girls that bi seems disingenuous and even a lie. I think our friendship will be fine, it’s sort of like nothing has happened, and while I would probably do this with him again, I don’t want to date him or start pursuing men. How do people deal with this kind of thing? I just have a hard time believing it’s not more common than people let on.


  1. Grew up fucking several of my good friends. It’s not a big deal unless one of you makes it a big deal. It’s pretty easy to have as much sex as you want if it’s just about good orgasms.

  2. It might be common, but I guess if these things happen and both guys feel they are straight. Then by no means would they broadcast it. Because the outside world has its own rules. The moment outside people hear man on man action you get labeled gay. And than you end up in this cycle of having to explain things.

    If the sex was hot than good. If you might do it again, I say go for it. You don’t see yourself falling romantically for him also good. Nothing wrong here.

    Live in the moment, don’t overthink it. That’s when the fun stops.

  3. As other people have mentioned, don’t really try to label it and enjoy the sex. If nothing bad (phisically or emotionally) came from that encounter, then great!

    I have an honest question, hopefully you wish to answer it: Did you guys kiss at any moment in that first encounter? What about the other times?

  4. Well, I am glad you guys enjoyed yourselves and are comfortable with it. I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s okay if a hot time with him is all you ever get with a man, and never see a different one. I think you two just have a very close relationship that seems to be without boundaries. Some might say you would make a wonderful couple, and they might be right or wrong. You do you, man, no one has any right to judge either of you negatively.

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