Should a Top, bottom? Should a Bottom, top?

Can a total top be a good top if he has no experience being a bottom or being fingered?

Can a total bottom be a good bottom if he has no experience being a top and fucking a hole?

Does having experience in the opposite sexual position that you prefer make you a good sexual partner in the sexual position that you identify with so essentially I’m saying, does a good top make a good bottom? And a good bottom makes a good top?


  1. The best tops I’ve had have all been versatile. I’m sure there are some good total tops out there, but I imagine they’d be even better if they experienced what good topping feels like as a bottom

  2. Some tops should definitely try bottoming once. Just so they know that they can’t just fucking slide in the ass as if it was a pussy.

  3. I bottom most times but when o top guys they seem to enjoy a lot and they tell me I’m a good top.

    I basically top the way I like to be topped. For example, I don’t like tops who are lazy and barely move. When I top I fuck quite “hard” and push them against me, make them feel my entire body over them.

  4. Atleast once. A top should bottom atleast once and a bottom should top atleast once. Just so that you understand what the other person goes through and have empathy for them.

    I am a top. I have bottomed in the past (never liked it) and believe me that knowledge helps me a lot.

  5. Being a good partner makes you a good partner, but I definitely feel bottoming informed my topping for the better. Now some have never done the other and are still fantastic but you’ll never know for yourself unti you find out first hand.

  6. I think you should take on the other role at least once. It’ll give you a certain appreciation for the work they put in.

  7. My fiancé was mostly a bottom Vera when I met him, while I am a total bottom! He’s one of the best tips I’ve been with! Like earthshaking good..

  8. The total tops I know usually have no psychological or physical desire to be penetrated and don’t really get off on it. I don’t know that would help them with topping.

  9. I like being a dedicated total bottom. It’s all I really want to do. I’d like a guy who is a dedicated total top. That way I know he’s not likely to ask me to top. Plus I like the idea of a guy who gets off only by sticking his dick in things. It’s the opposite of me and I find that so sexy

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