Shootin' The Shot With Larry & Harv Ep 4 | Jaime Camil

We hate to break it to Jordan and Larry but this week, they’re battling out for the second-best looking member of the podcast. That’s because the start of television, the big screen, and Broadway Jaime Camil joined the guys.

Jaime is fresh off the debut of his #1 rated new comedy ‘Broke’ on CBS. Jaime is a regular at Banc of California Stadium and bleeds Black & Gold. Since his first time watching LAFC, he’s been hooked, saying he hasn’t missed a home match since.

Jordan and Larry talk about Jaime’s love of LAFC, how it started, and why the passion for the Black & Gold runs so hot. They talk about Jaime being the first Latino star of a half-hour comedy on CBS since the legendary Desi Arnaz and what Jaime likes best voice acting, Broadway, or TV/movie acting. The guys also talk about Jordan’s big cameo on ‘Broke’ and if he might have a future in action after soccer.

Then it’s back to the Banc to talk about Jaime’s favorite moments watching the Black & Gold.

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