Shocking Male Celeb Ass Challenge | Estevan

NSFW…Hollywood’s Hottest Men get naked & show their bare asses so we try to guess whose buns are whose 😉

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Graphic sequences by the insanely talented Gustavo Rosa:


  1. lol u repeated chris evans 3 times wait what do u mean it hurts in the bedroom this is just one comment of everything i wanted to say so i don't have 8 comments on here but what do u mean by it hurts in the bedroom i'm thinking it means i don't know if i should say this word well i learned about this word in science but i'll just give u the first letter so when u said it hurts in the bedroom does that mean the s word holy crap on the first photo of the real nakid one holy crap lol on the one where the guy has a country on his speedo lol when your friend is like aww s word no ok really good video u know whats weird pewdiepie did a video if he said a swear word he would get shocked with eletricity but it didn't work even do it was really high also i'll be sure to follow u on instagram

  2. well this is my moms account i'm 11 but my mom is fine with me watching videos with cursing also i play dead or alive xtreme 2 and they show a lot of butt so its fine if i watch it

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