[serious] bottoms (or tops I guess) do you ever get so pent up from not having good sex that it starts invading your everyday life

I haven’t had really good sex in a couple months and it’s really reaching a fever pitch. Jerking off doesn’t help and I can’t get myself off with a toy. Both my fwbs started real relationships and random encounters have been lackluster.

I browse Grindr at work and I’ve been craving more and more.



  1. sometimes the hunger for dick genuinely becomes too much and i feel like an aching need in my hole lol. plus i become an irritable lil bitch, which does go away after a good top puts me in my place.

    unfortunately grindr is just trial and error, and also random meets can be so exhausting and not worth it. it’s a difficult situation. why are you struggling to get yourself off? is it more like a loneliness thing?

  2. Sex is like anything in life, if you are craving it this much, maybe it’s not bad thing that you’re taking a little break. Try to bear in mind, you will have good sex again!

    Try to think – what other things in life bring you joy? Or perhaps something about life at the moment is unsatisfactory and you’re trying to distract yourself with sex? I, for example, have a deadline that I am trying to distract myself from by trying to be your therapist.

    It’s a new year, that can often be a time of reflection – what has this new year got you thinking?

  3. Same boat. If I go a certain amount of time without some good dick I get incredibly frustrated with everything and totally unfocused. And it gets worse with time. It’s led me to do some stupid shit in the past so it’s a problem I need to work on keeping in check.

  4. This may sound odd but try your local pup community. We have some bomb fucking sex. Grindr just felt second-tier after I discovered the pup scene.

  5. Yeah it happens to me too, the thing is that a quick hookup (even those who last no more than 3 minutes) are enough for me.

  6. I feel this.

    My husband goes through stints of not having a libido, while mine is as high as ever. This leads to me not being able to focus at work and imagining every male coworker shoving me against a wall and filling me up, even if I normally find them unattractive.

    Apparently a close coworker can pinpoint whenever I’m sexually frustrated. I didn’t notice until she pointed it out but I will look at certain guys I work with like I also look at donuts, shake my head, then begin humming. The more sexually frustrated I get, the more I seem to hum while working.

    During these periods I try to find an activity that can take up all of my thoughts. I find Minecraft good for this. Set myself a very large, long, and challenging goal to achieve. Something that break down into a lot of smaller projects, plans, and challenges. Then when I have free time I try to focus on these smaller challenges until I can get home and implement them.

    I suggest finding something that encompasses all of your free thoughts, live your life normally, let your libido hopefully reset a bit. Then if you happen to find a new FWB you can have mind blowing sex and then happily continue to do so with them. 🙂

  7. Yeah I really wish my husband would find more energy for our relationship. He’ll go half a year or more if I don’t full on drag him upstairs, it’s lame.

    It’s not that he’s never attracted to me, he’s just always tired and out of energy. He doesn’t want to do anything after work, not just sex. Boy really needs to try eating some veggies once in a while or something, idk.

  8. Absolutely. I’ve been horny every single day and unfortunately just got diagnosed hsv2 which is now an even bigger inconvenience. Gonna be pent up and frustrated for a while now.

  9. OMG I can totally relate with you. I haven’t been fucked well in several months and the times I do try to get with a guy either it is very lackluster, they flake out, or they just want a blow job. It is hard to stay focused on work when I just want to find a man with a good cock and great stamina to fuck me good, long, and hard.

  10. Behind my ex’s crippling alcoholism & addiction to gambling, this was a big reason I broke up with him. Someone you’re supposed to be with, would at least remember to fuck you on your birthday – I’m a top, and when I asked my ex if I could fuck his brains out, he told me he wasn’t in the mood. He was also up all night the night before gambling on his phone – my birthday was by no means an isolated incident.

    It’s a real fleeting high – to be too horny to function. I ruined a real good friendship because I wanted to have noise complaints filed over how hard I wanted to give it to my friend (see also – fuck his brains out like the world was ending). Sad part is I don’t even talk said friend anymore.


    **tl;dr** – Yeah, definitely.

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