Scorpio January 2020..
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Love relationship tarot card reading for their partner’s / Ex/ significant other’s true intentions… It may or may not resonate with all…

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  1. You nailed it My ex husband and his mother have been manipulating me since I divorced him he 8 years ago causing lots of problems. Now that I found someone I like I am afraid to move on . But hopefully he will be patient with me. I do like him but the past kept me blocked. Thanks 😊

  2. she was my best friend for almost 3 years . a Sagittarius she started flirting and i fall in love with her proposed her she said she is not ready to love anyone and asked me to give sone time i gave her time and she fall in love with someone else now this past 2 months have been worst of worst bt now i have started ignoring everything i have stopped asking for explanations it still hurts a lot but its time to move on its time to heal i guess and i am working on it
    your readings are so true they totally resembles with me

  3. Listening to these are so amusing. Some scarily accurate, some so far off base, laughable. I am Christian and do not believe a word spoken. But I do know God created the universe and the stars. I also know HE wants us to follow HIM and HIS HOLY WORD and not fortunes. Ask me why personalitys suite the astrology signs? Because God created the world and the stars and we are all connected through the work of our grand Creator. People reading these…I sure hope you know God loved you so much that HE gave HIS one and only son that whomever believes in HIM will never perish but have everlasting life. I pray each reader comes to know the Lord and puts their faith in HIM. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. Oh I hope so was with a Gemini for 42 years, he had other children l never knew about, I had already left has he was a bully, when l found out. We lost a son and he still didn't confess, they contacted my daughter via social media his past women. Shocking !! I so want to move on in 2020.

  5. That's true. Although I never got closure from him, I forgave and let go. I have been alone in five years. I hope that after so much excruciating pain, Jesus will reward me with a new hello. Thank you!

  6. It’s just not one person many people in close family and friends were playing a mind game from years , felt like almost everyone around as they can see the love prosperity and level of trust and innocence everyone took a good possible advantage. They all were just full of hatred and jealousy inside. Problem is even if someone is cheating on you your unconditional love sparks the love in them and they realize it when it’s too late as the way you were there in their life it looks irreplaceable to them at the end. But when we are all drained and heart broken we cannot keep serving you … we have to move on, people think they were smart they fooled us , they could only fool if we loved them out of the way. Only a strong person can love. Others they just love out of fear insecurity or greeds .

  7. Hi I'm a scorpio from Trinidad and in love with an aquarius but he's a bit distant and silent I'll like to know if he'll be back in my life I'm sorry I can't afford to pay for a reading thanking you in advance

  8. He was playing lots of mind games , and third parties I’m his x wife a Virgo we had past lives and a soulmate contract , 40 years of history , he’s realizing a lot of trauma he’s caused being narcissistic twin flame 🔥

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