Schmitt Comes Out – Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Episode 12

Schmitt finally comes out to Meredith and others in the OR.



  1. I like Link better then Deluca, plus Link is good around kids and taken interest in Meredithโ€™s. Deluca is just in it for the chase.

    Thereโ€™s no person better for Meredith then Derek was, but Link or maybe even possibly that military doctors would be the best match. Not Deluca. Maybe they should bring back the first dude Meredith dated when she got back into the dating scene, he was a great guy but his only flaw was not wanting kids, however I think he can learn to like Meredithโ€™s kids.

  2. Too much homo stuff, too much personal "bla-bla-logy" about which none cares. I miss the times where they were focused on medicine, not SJW agenda. I want to watch a TV series about the surgeries, disorders, diseases, cures etc not the gay porn or other 50 shades of Grey.

  3. Andrew: "I think if you meet someone that lights you up you should fight for them"
    Mer: "Suction!" :))))))

    Love Schmitt and love Merluca โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  4. D: I think it's beautiful, after all what's life for if not to share with somebody, right?
    M: Does that mean that life is not worth living alone?
    D: I think that if you meet someone who light you up, you should fight for them.


  5. I am so over Deluca. Heโ€™s basically the stalking for love romantic trope. If this was real life, she would have brought him up on charges. I like Link because he has actually taken an interest in her children. Deluca hasnโ€™t done that.

  6. Every show now a days shoves a gay character down our throats for no reason at all .. this show turned to who is fucking who and every episode you add trans gay Muslim I mean just stop

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