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  1. Years ago, a pitcher named Nolan Ryan threw at a player named Robin Ventura. Although well over 40 at the time, Ryan was still was of the hardest throwers in the game, and DRILLED Ventura with a pitch traveling at nearly 100 mph.

    Ventura was mad as hell, charged the mound, and promptly got seven shades of shit beaten out of him by a man 15 years his senior.

    It was awesome.

  2. It depends on the context. Some baseball teams have bad blood and it will force the pitcher to go after a batter with a dirty throw. Mostly a throw behind the batter or at the batter’s head is a clear sign of intention. A throw to the lower body or something is typically not on purpose and most times a pitcher will apologize afterwards. Nonetheless though, a hit batter is usually not an accident and the players will know depending on the pitcher and team. If the batter does charge the pitcher (which is pretty rare), the benches and the bullpens will clear to back up their teammate. Most fights are just big grabbing matches, but sometimes it can be a straight up brawl.

  3. Brawls are very rare. They usually occur because of something leading up to it. Either because of frustration, or because they break what we call an unwritten rule. For example, you can't stare are your own home run, and you don't bunt when someone is throwing a no-hitter. It usually leads to getting intentionally hit by a pitch. Of course you're not allowed to fight in baseball. It almost always results in ejections.

  4. In the videos you could see the speed of the pitch somewhere in the broadcast. Getting hit by baseballs are painful at best, and potentially lethal at worst. The reason the players wear helmets is because MLB players have died from being struck in the head by a pitch. Last year two spectators died when balls hit into the stands struck people in the head.

  5. with 162 games during the regular season…certain players get hit by pitches more than others. some of it is mistakes but for example: say one team has a 4 game series to play. They could be rivals so automatically will be tense and sometimes players get hit in multiple games in the same series or previous series which builds up the aggression. umpire has total authority and can throw anyone out of the game including the team manager so a lot of times with a hit batter or close call they will issue warnings to both teams or in cases they believe it was intentional they automatically throw the pitcher out.

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