S2E8: 3 Gay Questions/Answers For The Closet Gays.

I wanted to focus on what my viewers love to receive my feedback on, which is Gay topics. I am a gay male and didnt want to always focus on gay topics, but its apart of me and who I am so why not?


Telling people you are gay
How can I tell if someone else is gay
How do I know if Im gay?

Remember coming out is a process of understanding and exploring.

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  1. 100% straight guy here, your video is great. I found it by chance but farwarded it to a few gay friends and they loved it. Basically being yourself while remembering that not everyone is equally accepting/educated is important as well. Some people just need a little "grooming" before you tell them but as long as you are not afraid and you remember to be who you are, everything is going to be great.

  2. I also wanna hear about girls/closeted lesbians/please share your story so we can approach every situation with a solution.Love and hugs.Roxy Lee

  3. Hi everybody!This is Roxy Lee.We are all here to read your true story and of course I don`t need your real name,but your honesty.Please share your feelings,difficulties as a young closeted man,a married man…etc…how does it effect you in your friendships,your married life,your family,your work?Send you lots of love.Please send your story to [email protected] you.

  4. i am out but i often regret it. I identify with the masculine side and i am attracted to fem guys….but they only tolerate those like themselves or want the affection of model jocks that are out of their league. People like me fem guys use for temporary attention and then ditch me often without even saying why or that they intend to break it off

  5. That stuff about "a person's clothes and actions doesn't mean anything" is NOT true! No disrespect but…there is a such thing as a GAY MAN and a STRAIGHT MAN – there is NO IN-BETWEEN! Every time I have ever come in contact with a man who acts or dresses feminine, THEY WERE GAY 100% OF THE TIME! I got a question tho…if a SUPPOSEDLY straight man knows that a certain color or style of chothing is considered gay, why would he want to wear it in the first place? That's suspect in itself ! ! !

  6. Would you encourage someone to nudge a friend to "come out of the closet"? I have a bff who i srsly think is gay but he's so private and would nvr divulge anything. It's frustrating when he says that we're good friends but keeps me in the dark ovr such details. I've come to think that i shld just let it go and let him confess whenever he's ready but you know, it rrly bugs me. Keeping such secrets frm supposed bff is such an insult, imho. Oh, idk…

  7. I have so many straight black male friends. They are so homophobic, the whites are bad as well but not as bad. I guess white boys are a bit more accepting? It's the whole macho thing and where you are from.

  8. this is soo true! but it was easier for me to come out because I had gay family members, my coming out was so beautiful and I don't have any regrets

  9. I agree with you on sooo many levels. When I first came out to my parents about me being gay, I was terrified. My mom hates it, my dad doesn't care and loves me for me. I hope the viewers can really get some help from you, but it only really works if they want it to

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