Rural Coming Out Stories – Adrian

Coming Out stories from Rural Australia. Adrian tells his story


  1. you're really awesome young man ant anybody are you fall for will be pretty lucky man very lucky I think you're simply amazing I wish I could have met somebody like you in my life take care it was great seeing you movie about coming out take care mate.

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  3. well i can tell that it is totaly worth it. i outed myself april 2012 and i am as happy as i can be. have a boyfriend now since january and it is sooooooo amazing. i hope u find happyness and just be yourself, you will be amazed about how easy it gets after a while.

  4. As many as he felt comfortable with – but in which way is this YOUR problem?! Or are you just jealous because he can do what you'd want and don't allow yourself to do…? 😉

    Silly homophobia.

    Simply mind your own business – or is him being gay a threat to your way of life?! I'm hetero and couldn't care less if he's gay or not – aside from being happy for him that he's happy with himself now and living life the way HE sees fit.

  5. Cool that you came out to the world. Love the Aussie accent. I live in the USA Georgia and people tell me that I have one too. When I came out to my Australian friend, she no longer wanted to be friends with me. I came out to the world when I was 28 in 1995. I am now 46 and very proud of coming out to the world.

  6. Wonderful video. You make the comment that some people only come out after they have found a partner. I believe that coming out before you find a partner is better for the quality of your togetherness. Rather than using your combined energies to enjoy your togetherness, so much of it will be used to engender feelings of fear and unnecessary negative thinking patterns.

  7. I loved listening to this, it is better to do it while you can before you lose the oportunity to do so. I lost my dad before I could tell him and wished with all my heart that I wasn't such a coward. Whether he accepted me or not I should've told him

  8. brave man…I did not come out until I was past 50……I could never fight my family, or friends….told my wife when we were dating, and I discovered gay men could love women, I try not to regret my choice, no use crying over spilled milk.

  9. Thanks for posting video. What part of Australia are you from? I'm going to be visiting Cairns in November from USA. Never been there. Can't wait. Hoping to see some cute gay guys like yourself. Love your accent.

  10. Really inspiring. i wish i could come out. im way to scared and keep telling myself that it will change. it wont. i have beeing playing my role for 29 years now. kinda tired of it.

  11. I have laid no "charge" against you, merely questioned the manner in which you approach things. I don't see the necessity in bandying about the fact that you were his lover, or boyfriend – whichever you prefer. Nor for the incessant use of inverted commas and unnecessary inclusion of Italian references in literally every single post that I have seen of yours. Its just hard to take in a credible manner when you first make sure to stake your claim to fame and THEN only offer a supportive comment.

  12. Because Adrian my friend, Bobby's story is part of mine, being in the book upon which Lifetimes' movie was based! And because his story has "Resonated" with so many the World over, I'll continue to "Shamelessly" use my connection to a boy who took his own life almost 30 years ago, draw distinctions between the "Hateful, Homophobic America" of those days, with a future as well as today that is looking brighter than ever!

  13. If by doing so I might help one young person abstain from causing themselves any harm, I'll gladly assume that "Charge" you've laid at my feet! I do have Mary Griffith, her husband Bob, as well as Bobbys' brother Ed, and his sisters Nancy and Joys' blessings in this!
    Blaine W. Andrews

  14. I think the kind of people that Australia and the rest of the world REALLY dont need, are ignorant, homophobic, retarded, sad and insignificant little people like you. Do something useful for once in your life, like shut up and stop trolling coming out videos under the pretense of spreading hate…. closet case stalker much?

  15. @farmdave2010

    Ciao Bello!
    Mi Dispiace! (I'm Sorry) I should have addressed you as "David", which I much prefer, one meaning of which in Hebrew is 'Beloved of G-D"! Sublime no?

  16. @farmerdave2010

    Ciao Bello!

    Grazie Dave for uploading "Adrians" coming out share here! I find it especially "Delicious" that Adrian bears the name of the "Roman Antonine Emperor Hadrian" 117-138 C.E. Hadrian or "Adrian" as the Italians call him, was known to be a lover of "All Things Greek"!

  17. @farmerdave2010

    And that included a beautiful young "Bithynian Boy" named "Antinous", for whom he erected thousands of statues in most of the "Market Places" in the Roman World/Empire! Thank you my friend for "Archiving" these great "Authentic Coming Out" stories from "Down Under"! This "Yank", Bobby Griffiths' (Prayers for Bobby) old lover/boyfriend "Blaine" here, is both grateful, and so "Sodding" proud of you for this!
    Ti Amo Molto "Mate"! (I Luvs Ya Lots Mate)

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