Roose Bolton "In my family, we say "A naked man has few secrets; a flayed man none"."

Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones 2×04 – Garden of Bones, Game of Thrones Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton)

Five Lannisters dead for every one of ours. They’re dead. Take everything they’ve got. We’ve nowhere to keep all these prisoners. Barely enough food to feed our own. We’re not executing prisoners, Lord Bolton. Of course, Your Grace. The officers will be useful. Some of them may be privy to Tywin Lannister’s plans. I doubt it. Well, we’ll learn soon enough. In my family we say, “A naked man has few secrets. A flayed man none.” My father outlawed flaying in the North. – We’re not in the North. We’re not torturing them. The high road’s very pretty, but you’ll have a hard time marching your army down it. The Lannisters hold prisoners of their own. I won’t give them an excuse to abuse my sisters. No, no, don’t! Don’t!


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