Robbie Rogers' Struggle With Being Gay | TODAY

Robbie Rogers, the first openly gay male athlete in the five major leagues, talks with NBC news special anchor Maria Shriver about his new book, “Coming Out to Play,” is which he shares his secret struggle with being gay.
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Robbie Rogers’ Struggle With Being Gay | TODAY


  1. It is obnoxious that straight society makes gays feel the need to " come out". Straight people don't come out. It is time people get over a difference that has been among us for our entire history. Frankly it is nobody's business but yours. Instead of coming out, just show up with whom you're dating. People will figure it out. And most people won't care one bit. The ones that object just need to be ignored and discarded until they evolve.

  2. I don't know, this quote reminds me of something President John Kennedy said.

    3:13 "He's a soccer player first and foremost who happens to be gay."

    "I am not the Catholic candidate for president. I am the Democratic party's candidate for president, who happens also to be a Catholic." -President John Kennedy

  3. I'm very scared to come out because I think my parents won't accept me and my sister. My sister said she hated gay people which make me mad an sad and I think my parents will hate me if I tell them I'm gay. I haven't told my friends either because I'm afraid they won't accept me. My friends always ask me who I like and I always said no one but I actually like someone and I can't tell them who, and sometimes if I didn't tell them they would start naming some names but I don't like him. I wish I could tell them. 😷

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