RIHANNA & CASSIE [Leaked NUDE Photos] WHERE Are The MALE Celeb Leaks? (Loft XVA 55)


  1. 99.9% of hackers are men, for the same reason that 99.9% of Computer Science students are men.   Therefore, yes, they're unlikely to bother trying to get naked photos of Di Caprio, Depp & Cruise.     Also most men don't walk about their home taking naked selfies of themselves. 

  2. Bro…. first of all the misleading title. On top of that your loud ass for 8 :"short and sweet" minutes. Defending a celebrity's leaked pics. Bro literally anything, ANYTHING doing pushups or reading some shit online to gain some knowledge, anything. Would be less of a waste of fucking time as this. I don't like to put negativity out there normally, but dude making this video to fish for guy celeb dick pics like cmon bud. This all boils down to you videoing yourself w a weird, sideways, jusitification of trying to have celebrity women send you nude pics of celebrity guys. I cant even say anything else than that lmao, "wow" alone conveys my feelings of how retarded this shit is

  3. he is gay and not hidding it, u must be new, i realize you posted this 3 months ago, so hopefully by now u know xem van adams is openly gay and pround

  4. To everyone who takes risky photos and makes tapes…….Make sure your FACE is not in the photo just in case……duh….Then again why even take pics and crap like that. One day you're going to have children and grandchildren if the Lord blesses you to live that long. At the end of the day respect God, your family , and your damn self. God bless

  5. YESSSSSS! Xem If they leak Jensen Atwood, Brian J White, or Omarion I CAN DIE HAPPY! Alot people say thats perverted, but dammit if someone who catches your eye got naked photos out you look too!

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