Report: First bathhouse visit.


So I went. I was nervous as hell, but the fantasy was driving me insane and I was super horny so I figured I’d go to at *least* observe and see what it’s like.

You know how fantasies don’t always play out in reality? Here goes…

The employees were nice, for one.

From the start I was a little bummed cause the jacuzzi is out of operation. If I wasn’t going to actually engage with anyone, chilling in the jacuzzi was the one thing I really cared to do.

Anyways, I took off my clothes and dawned the towel, then began walking around – utterly clueless.

An older gentleman -maybe in his 60’s – was exiting the steam room and I could tell he found me attractive, so I sorta did a pivot (and I also didn’t want to go into the steam room anyways).

I felt it came across rude, which I didn’t mean at all.

So I sorta asked him where he’d recommend going since I’ve never been before.

He introduced himself and gave me a tour of the entire place.

Really nice guy, former Navy vet.

I’m just not sexually attracted to older men. I’m 27. So I don’t think this is a character flaw of any sort.

He said he thought I was like 18 after I told him my age. Which I honestly took as a compliment haha.

It became clear he was attracted to me because he ran his fingers up and down my stomach and chest a few times. Which I found harmless and didn’t mind.

Then he asked if I was into older men, and tried to find a way to politely say no. He suggested I should give it a try, and he started getting a little friskier.

At that point, I excused myself and said I was going to walk around a bit more.

I’m mainly attracted to guys in my age group – like 18-30. There weren’t that many guys in that age range.

After departing the guy who showed me around, I did take notice of this boy leaving the showers – probably around my age. He had the cutest fucking bubble butt and cute smile.

I instinctually wanted to catch up with him. Even if we didn’t do anything at least I could hang out with someone I could relate to more.

I hadn’t showered yet at that point (I showered before leaving), but since I was sorta in a bottoming mood I first took a quick shower to clean up “just in case”.

After I went to try finding him, but no dice.

I sat in the hot dry room after (can’t remember the name lol). Just two dudes chilling, no talking or anything.

Never actually been in one of those before, and I found it nice so I relaxed for about ten minutes.

Next I went into the steam room…

… and noped out of there in about ten seconds.

Idk what it was but it just completely turned me off.

First of all, it was WAY to fucking hot in there for me.

I also couldn’t see shit. I get it, that’s sorta the point.

But the heat combined with not being able to see anything made me like disoriented and uncomfortable.

I guess I need to be able to clearly see who a person is.

Lastly it smelled really weird in there… combination of sweat and cum. I’m guessing that’s not a surprise but it really turned me off.

At that point I said fuck it and went back to the locker room.

When I returned my key and towel, I must have looked really freaked out cause I was fumbling all my stuff. Gave the guy my car keys instead of the locker key and he’s like “ummmm…”.

Probably had an over-under going how long I’d last cause I looked nervous from the beginning lol.

Anyways, I was just laughing about the entire thing afterwards.

I’m glad I did it though. It’s off my mind and curiosity is gone.

Also, I used to be really self conscious about my body and being naked around others, but since I’ve lost a lot of weight (see my previous post), I’ve gained more confidence. Yet still anxious.

This experience completely got rid of that last shred of insecurity that I had.

I also started a Twitter account (see profile bio) recently and post pics/vids. I know, what a slut. But I like showing off my body. It turns me on knowing I can turn on other people haha. And I have a ton of discipline with diet/exercise to stay in the average shape I’m in.

So the fact I’ve built a small following also made me want to try something “public”.

Would I go back?

Yes. Next time I’ll be better prepared mentally for sure.

And I’m sure the experience is always going to be a hit or miss thing.

I’m more “sex positive” now than I’ve ever been. Used to frown upon people who hook up a lot. But I’ve decided to embrace it and enjoy it while I’m young. Cause why the fuck not?


  1. It’s always daunting the first time and often the clientele are a bit older I’ve found. Now you know what to expect when you go back.

    My favourite thing to do in those places is to chill and relax, have a mutual wank or suck with someone watching a bit of porn that’s on. But strike up conversations with the older guys. They are often full of great stories.

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