RELEASE Saturdays at Celebrities Night Club – Vancouver’s Largest Weekly Gay Party

RELEASE is Celebrities’ flagship party, the very BEST of what we do! Western Canada’s HOTTEST & BIGGEST weekly gay clubnight. Featuring Vancouver’s finest DJs and monthly international superstar guest. Sexy go-go gods, circus performers and tons of HOT BOYS! Dress to be seen.

Arrive early to avoid the lineup!

Performances by Vancouver’s superstar drag artists
HOT Go Go Boys all night
Thai buckets on special

Door 9pm-3am


  1. If only the world had the love that I have seen in the gay community, than maybe this world would have a chance at knowing what "family" is like.God doesn't condone sodom,that's why he warned us in the pages of the Holy Bible. Sodom and Gomorrah happened for a reason. Tha reason was to show us how God feels about homosexuality and effeminate men. They WILL not see the kingdom of God unless they repent.Just because Gay sex feels good doesn't make it good.Heroin feels good, is it right to do?Think

  2. I know of many "gays" that'll be totally against what I'm saying but, I speak on behalf of God. Change your sinful ways and repent. Jesus Christ IS returning to this Earth soon and he isn't coming bringing gifts and beaded necklaces,instead he IS bringing judgment on a morally decrepid society. I don't say this with condemnation,but,love. God loves each and everyone of you and does not want to see anyone perish. The "gays" are some of the best people I know and I wouldn't want to see them perish

  3. This type of entertainment is what's wrong with our society. Homosexuality is a choice and NOT genetic as some may believe. The only reason our youth is so mixed up sexually is because of the liberal media's constant indoctrination of homosexuality as being an accepted way of life.Yet, in days past,homosexuality was relegated to the class of a mental sickness. The Holy Bible says that homosexuality is an abomination and anyone who chooses to live that way will suffer the wrath of God. Repent!

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