Reconfirmed I’m a bottom yesterday, again

So I had a grindr hookup after a long over 2 month dry spell. The guy was disappointing and I wasn’t really much into him, but he had kind of a cute face, and I was super horny. So I was really hard, and he started sucking me, looking up at me, and it felt good, and my thoughts “oh, this is good, maybe I’ve become vers – that would be handy since I’ve met so many nice vers guys lately”. Kind of had a power rush too, which tops probably run on with this worthless bitch drooling all over my cock, while I’m way too good for him.

Then his fingers find my asshole which I have completely forgotten about, but apparently not him since my profile was clearly labelled “bottom”. My whole body had this warm wave come over me – I felt like I couldn’t move or protest, my brain was just telling me ‘stay put’. I actually felt those previous thoughts leave my mind my internal monologue was like “yea right, vers lol – total bottom!”

This guy who I wasn’t even all that into, who wasn’t very good just started rubbing my ass and about 3 minutes later he was inside me with my whole body nearly shaking in pleasure from having something fill the void.

Every few years something like this happens to me. It takes nearly nothing but some guy touching me where it matters, and all my desires, fantasies, and thoughts of ever topping just go right out the window. Just thought I’d share this.


  1. Well that’s totally okay. I think it’s good to know what you like. But what if he hadn’t fingered you. If the domination feelings had continued, could you have topped him?

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