Hey Dutchy fam! I decided it was time to film another video reacting to your coming out stories and this is how it went!! If you shared your coming out story with me for this video thanks a mill! I loved reading all of them! Can’t wait to chat in the comments xxx

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Reading your Coming Out stories #1


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  1. hey beautiful people!!! it seems like this upload time was well suited to a lot of you! thanks to everyone who was at the premiere ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  2. Ok, it is mostly know that my best friend is gay. These boys from a eight grade (we where in seventh) were giggling as one of them walked up to my friend and said a pick up line. We both knew that he was doing it ask a dare by just how ballsy it was and how his friends where looking at us. As they walked away my friend shouted, "SORRY BUT IM GAY" The look on there faces were priceless. XD

  3. Dear dutchy I havent came out yet but heres my plan:when im 18 I text my mom saying im trans and tell her im moving far away becuase she wont accept me. Then I tell her that im sorry she raised a disappointment. My gf comes with me to where we move and live a happy life

  4. I'm planning on coming out to my parents after quarantine by saying something like "in honor of everyone being able to come outside I've decided to come out too. I'm bisexual! awkward finger guns

  5. I called my mom and dad the night before Super Bowl 53 to tell them that I'm bisexual and I broke down crying and they told me that they just want me to be happy no matter who I'm with may that be a guy or girl

  6. I told my grandparents and my mom came be and my granddad just said you have a other daughter who is bi. And begin this week we went to my cousin who recently got a baby and my granddad said that they were getting a couch that can become a bed and my cousin asked why and my granddad just said 'If she has a gf they can lay there and do things. And my cousin said ah and I turned red.

  7. I'm bisexual, but I'm scared of coming out to my Mom and Stepdad. I dont exactly know how imma come out but one of my cousins is part of the LGBTQ + community so if I were to come out to my family I would go with her and probably tell her first . I would love to know any ideas of how coming out as bisexual. :)))

  8. My first coming out was with my best friend, she accepted me and everything went good, but I felt bad because I was like "did I even need to do the coming out? ". The time next my other friend was talking about her crush so I just talked about mine without even thinking and that was awesome, so I don't think that I want to do other coming out and this isn't an important thing for me. πŸ’œ

  9. not out yet but i was pretending to be asleep and heard my mom and sister talking and my mom said how she "doesn't agree with being gay it isn't natural" my sister replied "i don't have a problem with it at all if my kid told me they were gay i would be fine with it" the problem is me and my mom are close but me and my sister aren't…

  10. My coming out story – At the end of band in 6th grade my friend came to me and told me that he was gay. Then I told him that I was too. Now him and I are dating and I love him so much. A few days later I made some gay pride bracelets and we wore them at school. I am planing on playing Minecraft with some of my friends and making a pixel art rainbow that says I am gay.

  11. The story of how I came out and bonus of my friends/girlfriend

    Me: Hey mom!

    My Mom: Yeah

    Me: I'm dating my friend ***

    My Mom: Ok
    Also my friend came out who is now my girlfriend who is not the girl I "mentioned above " But she came out when I said I Liked Her!

  12. When I came out to my best friend this was our conversation…
    Me: I need to tell you something
    Friend: Me too
    Me: Ok, you go
    Friend: You go
    Me: How bout we just say it at the same time?
    Friend: Ok
    Both of us: Friend: I'm bi Me: Im pan

  13. Dutchy I know this isn’t that relevant to the video, but I just wanted you to know that I just asked my crush if he wanted to go to Olive Garden with me this weekend, and he said yes!!

    Love you bunches Dutchy 😘❀️

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