Reacting to 'Straight' Me Before Coming Out as Gay

Reacting to ‘straight’ me before coming out as gay…

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  1. I would like to thank you for your sincerity and inspiration that you are giving to me (and other people for sure) who have been through all these phases and we even took more time that you did to reach at the point of coming out. It is relieving that our present is less grim than our alternative now which we would have experienced, had we stayed in the closet.

  2. Hmm. I wonder if you're not confusing how one defines oneself internally/spiritually with one's superficial outer appearance. Granted, the one can certainly be a reflection of the other. But there are some great photos of an uber-cute Bradley (4:10, e.g.) that clearly make you bristle, not so much, I suspect, because of your sheer appearance as what they represent. (Shit, I feel like I just wrote a circular formula.) Please don't be angry with your younger self for living the life that your age, the times, and your environment forced you to live. Sometimes we all do what we have to do so we can live to fight another day. πŸ™πŸ™

  3. Who is that person! You've definitely evolved since then.

    Living near the beach is great. I lived about a kilometre (less than two-thirds of a mile) from the beach growing up.

    I'm glad you're the authentic Bradley these days x

  4. Not sure where to ask for new ideas or topics for content, one thing that’s always puzzled me in dating apps is why guys just stop talking with no clear signs why. Could just be me but I get the sense it’s quite common.

  5. Here is a question that you might have covered elsewhere, but…. do you feel that living in the UK gives you –the feeling of more freedom, more acceptance, and less judging–with the ability to be yourself far more than if you would have stayed in the USA? Yes, you did recently write an article about being bullied in London (and not bullied when you lived in Cardiff). But just wondered if the UK, generally speaking, is a more welcoming and open place for those in the LGBTQ community compared to some/ much of the USA. Keep up the awesome work : )

  6. Not sure why you kept saying the video was "self-indulgent" as if that is something bad. This is your channel and it should be about you and your experience. Don't apologize for everything. I found this to be very interesting. It is cool to see you as a young kid. P.S. Your sister is beautiful.

  7. Isn't interesting to look back and have a different perspective. You look like your father. There was not anything wrong with the long hair. You were on your journey on the way to where you are now. You took that journey to be who you are not what others wanted you to be. Smile and be thankful who you are now. You keep expressing yourself.

  8. I liked the pictures of you with long hair. You looked cool. I think you are being too hard on yourself about your past pictures. Keep up the great work and videos.

  9. This was wonderful! Oh my goodness, so much silly central coast traditions. So glad you are who you are. Glad there’s a Bradley Birkholz in the world. Keep it up my friend!

  10. My thoughts? I'm glad that person who used to exist found the strength and resolve to be who they are, ditch the propaganda that had been drilled into them from childhood, come out to family and friends, dress as they want, and not give a shit what other people think about it! Great video Bradley–hopefully it will help other struggling young people out there to realize they can be who they are as well!

  11. I like the one with the duck and the one with your sister but the one that I really like is the Bradley now you grew up to be such a beautiful young man inside and out. Love the video and always much love and success to you.

  12. Oh the cringe! πŸ˜‰ This is so hilarious and so relatable. I too came from an overly religious familly, in a extreme conservative religious community, where every part of life, every activitly had to be religiously branded in some way. I liked your comments on how we choose to express ourselves in our dress. We're not mental, we have personal style!

    I also live in a country different from my birth and I get a lot of stares and/or comments on my very normal, even boring style of "tomboy lesbian". But clothes are just clothes, and I finally feel comfortable in my skin and my presentation, as I can see you do too. Go us! awkward highfive

  13. To be honest, I’ve always preferred somewhat longer hair on men, so some of those pictures from back in the day actually look good to me (though I think in a couple of them the length is fine but the styling leaves something to be desired. I had longer hair from college in to my mid 20s, but then I started losing my hair, and eventually I realized that shorter hair just looked better on me for that reason. (Maybe I’ll show you a couple of pictures on Discord from back when I was longer-haired.) That being said, I think your shorter haircut now fits you very well. And, current visa-related problems aside, you look much more at peace with yourself now than you did in those photos.

  14. You keep saying that it was a self indulgent video….I don't think it was at all. It was a nice walk through of how you've changed over the years and become who you are now. Thank you for sharing.x

  15. hi bradley…i don't think this is self indulgent content at all. i really enjoyed this video…enough for me to comment because i'm not one to usually engage. i can relate to the hyper-religious aspect of growing up. i came out much later in life than you did although i knew much younger in life than you did (quite the oxymoron, huh…?). i spent so much of my life pretending to be something i was not & am so liberated now to walk fully in authenticity. i am so different from who i portrayed in those days of being an oscar award winning actor 😏. so, i thank you for posting this video as a window into learning more about you & as a reminder of how far i've come to better appreciate the freedom i now experience.

  16. Getting an Amish vibe from 6:55 Bradley. πŸ˜„
    Is the barefoot perhaps your way to stay connected to the earth. To literally feel it beneath your feet. I feel many religious families are like that, the if we advertise it enough then it's somehow more truthful. Like adding a few extra locks to the family closet of skeletons.

  17. the photo of you at 6:50, you have an Amish look going. I love that photo of you and the duck, it is so genuine. about the barefoot thing, I never wore shoes either but then that was the 60's., come to think about it I still go barefoot most places.

  18. I'm sad now. πŸ˜”
    In what I feel is typical gay guy fashion your expressiveness ends at hairstyle. Seeing that you once embraced long hair even before accepting yourself adds to the feeling of perhaps unconsciously trying to balance "feminine" aspects. Long hair is the step too far for even the most "feminine" gay guy unless in drag.

  19. Fabulous video Bradley I liked all the pictures. You have a handsome smile.i've been suffering through depression and anxiety for about two weeks. I am doing a discussion sit down video on my channel about the reasons why cancel culture is negative and unfair to do to anyone. I am also doing a 5 yr on youtube combined video. Your videos inspire me to be an activist and stand up for myself and others Much love.

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