Raw Denim: Intro, review, and unbox (Unbranded + Naked & Famous)

This video covers the very basics of raw denim jeans, unboxing of Unbranded UB101 skinny fit jeans, current fade status of a 1.5 year/1 wash pair of Naked & Famous Weird Guy Indigo Slim Fit jeans, and the fit of both pairs of jeans.

N&F Weird Guy:
UB101 Skinny:


  1. whats your height, weight and waist size? I heard the skinny fit on the UB is similar to levi's 511 fit but the skinnies you have look tight on you. I'm pretty lean and have big quads and levi's 511 and gap's slim fits fits me to my liking

  2. all the washed jeans people are acting like they wash their jeans every wek truth be told the average person washes their jeans once a month or even once every 2 months. Unless course they don't have two many jeans to rotate with.

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  4. Wait so you wore one of those pairs of jeans for a year and a half already?! That's commitment man! 👍 You did a great job with explaining everything too. I'm actually really intrigued by these now 😅

  5. I never knew about the world of raw denim before and know I'm very interested and tempted to try a pair. Who knew that jeans could be sciencey lol great job covering every detail as well

  6. Armin you handsome ass motherfucker
    this is why i dont watch your vids. Too good looking. wtf man.

    the stitching on those jeans are so epic.
    i need a pair of those!!! How long does it normally take to break into them?

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