Randy & Landon’s Big Dick Blitz

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“The upside to having a big dick is that everyone wants it,” Randy and Landon agree on. “Except for the person who says it’s too big.” That person is not Randy who got reamed by a cock almost as colossal as his own — and loved every fat, uncut inch.
King Randy. The perfect cock and the ability to shine above the rest whether he gives or takes.
Today may be one of Landon’s best runs as a top and seldom, if ever, as he seemed so in tune with what he partner needed and delivered thekissing, sucking and rimming we don’t always see from him.
Both Randy and Landon were engaged not just with each other, but the scene overall. Seeing two hot men genuinely having a hot time with each other is something we don’t see often enough on any site.
The biggest drag today is that the scene wasn’t a flip. Maybe next time.
A couple of minutes commiserating over the problems of having a big dick are the focus of an entertaining opening yack yack. This takes us inside where tonsil hockey and sword fighting lead to Randy showing of his fine form and oral skills.
Randy gets on all fours on the ottoman and Landon slides right in, balls deep. We get a good variety of views here, each one showing off what good bodies both Landon and Randy have — and how hot they look intertwined. Landon never stops fucking Randy and never misses a stroke even as they massage the positions.
This morphs to side saddle where Landon’s cock now has an express lane to massage Randy’s prostate complete with Randy’s eyes rolling back and a loud yelp upon first contact. Once again, Landon is relentless here and the view made all the better by Randy’s Teutonic plate abs also in focus.
All this pounding takes them both to the finish line. With Landon fucking away, Randy gets his first nut and it’s caught both by cameras.
Landon is next and creams Randy’s taint and hole. Again, two good views but the closeup here is especially creamy. And what does Randy do but let his fingers do the walking through the mess then does the tappity tap on his freshly fucked hole – complete with a Zoolander look of approval as Landon’s fingers join in.
On to round two and off to the bedroom we go. Some passionate kissing and mutual big dick appreciation begin the festivities.
The steam cranks up further when Randy flips over and Landon delivers an enthusiastic, extra-thorough rim job. This dead ends into Randy raising his hips and Landon dead-ending right back in that hole complete with Randy twerking his hairy ass back on that cock.
Randy’s ass is a bit too high in reality but Landon does what he needs to do to make it work. When then move to the end of the bed for reverse cowboy, however, everything is aligned perfectly and view is incredible. There are few sights hotter than seeing Randy’s big piece doing the full helicopter he rides.
It’s an extended run of reverse and it should be. Not only did Landon repeatedly stroke Randy’s bone, as the morph into missionary, Landon makes a surprise dick dive and gets Randy in his mouth.
Now, missionary proper and the opening overhead view is really something. Not only is Landon fucking at the perfect pace, he grabs a hold of Randy’s dick and strokes him to his second nut. The fact Randy didn’t take over his own stroking says a lot about Landon and his skills here.
With Randy’s white puddles still fresh on his abs, Landon extracts himself and plasters Randy’s hole with a fresh load. He even wipes up some of Randy’s batter and makes Randy shudder as he loads him home and strokes Randy’s big pole one more time.

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