Questions on the prostate, anal play, bottoming, and anal orgasms

Never posted on here before. I’m usually a pretty strict top, but lately I’ve found myself intensely turned on by the idea of giving bottoms prostate/anal orgasms. I’m slowly realizing I think I get turned on by imagining myself as a total bottom with a huge ass that is getting these pgasms.

I’ve had an aneros for a while, used it off an on with no spectacular results. I’m wondering (for those of you that have had anal orgasms) what you did, what your frame of mind was, etc


  1. I’m fully Versatile but my partner is far more Bottom so it takes some cajoling for me to get fucked. Given that, a Prostate Orgasm is for me a spectacularly strong sensation so I keep chasing it.

    The Aneros, in my experience, takes a great deal of trial and error to get much out of it. Honestly, I don’t think that it works for me. I have had better results with the NJoy Pure Wand. As well as with several differently configured silicone dildos. Occasionally my partner will peg me just right and induce that eye rolling seemingly never ending Prostate Orgasm… so like I said, I keep chasing it.

    Oh and btw, congrats on wanting to and trying it yourself… I’m convinced Bottoming make a Top a much Better Top.

  2. I have them alone all the time.. usually while im wanking


    *(i take a flat palm and lower it down onto the head of my hard dick.. then the shaft like becomes a rod being pushed into the prostate. feels good man)*

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