Question: How to find the best angles with a curved dick?

My dick’s a bit curved to the left, but not extremely so. On the spectrum from straight to hooked I’d say mine’s nearly straight. I’m happy with it.

How can I use this to my advantage? Are you able to take me deeper more comfortably on one side or the other? I can feel my dick plunging past the second sphincter inside some guys and I know there’s a turn there that I guess I should curve with.

If you’re my bottom, on your back, and I pose you beneath me on your side, do you want to be positioned on your right side or left side—considering my leftward curve? Or does it matter?

Knowing that your prostate is in the front, historically I’ve maneuvered my bottoms onto their right sides more. But since the bladder is also in the front, it’s never been a position we hold for more than a minute or two before his discomfort necessitates another move.

On his left side, would my dick slide up along his spine like I’m stabbing a xylophone sideways, or would it hit the magical button that sends him hands-free to heaven and back? Or something?

I’d love to learn how to unlock my secret superpower—if I’m carrying a superpower hidden in my curved dick—and how to employ it to maximum effect. Or, if it’s just a mere mortal dick, LoL, meh, I’ll work with it.

Thank you, sexies.


  1. I wish more tops were as considerate as you. As a bottom, I’d be perfectly fine with any of the positions you’ve described, though I personally don’t put too much emphasis on my prostate (unless I’m doing solo stuff). I derive most of my pleasure from just having another dude inside of me, feeling the motion & whatnot. A lot of my pleasure comes from prolonged stimulation of the actual anus and the feeling of being filled. There’s not a tremendous amount of sensitivity inside the rectal cavity, but knowing which general area the prostate is in certainly never hurts. Ask your bottom if he wants prostate play, or just a good, sloppy butt fuck session. I usually don’t get fully erect while getting plowed, and that’s not a sign of you not doing your job right. Most of my blood is going to my butthole. The position that always leaves me most comfortable and satisfied is when I’m lying prone, with you kneeling between my slightly spread legs, with you ultimately lying on top of me while grinding your hips. I hope some of this helps. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go take care of something…..>_<

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