(question for Bottoms) It hurts more when the top isn’t fully hard

I want your feedback on this issue, i have bottomed many times and noticed that whenever tge top isn’t fully hard it gets more painful for me, there is more feeling of being poked with a sharp object inside and nit that pleasing sensation of being filled, whether its the initial enering pain or in the middle, i use lube everytime and face this problem whenever the top isn’t fully hard, i just want to know if other bottoms experience the same thing


  1. I have not had that issue. But I can see how it could hurt as it may bend and poke something it normally wouldn’t if it was completely hard. The only pain i have had is the initial insertion. And if they were big they might go too deep

  2. I have only experience of pain when fully hard with circumcised guys, so maybe that is the problem?

  3. That is a bizarre problem, but it shouldn’t hurt either way. Take more time to warm up and stretch first, pain is a sign that something is wrong.

  4. Only reason it hurts is your hole is not stretched enough, you don’t have enough lube or you’re literally just not comfortable. Relax, this is sex. Not a test.

    Being relaxed is like 50% of it.

  5. Yes 100%. This is because your involuntary muscles are responding to stimuli. The softer the tops dick, the more likely your muscles are going to try to contract to return to their original position. When you’re full of hard dick, they just can’t do it so they stay kinda “switched off”. Eventually you will subconsciously learn how to relax everything.

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