Prison Or Castration For Gays In Post WW2 Britain | Alan Turing Pardoned

“Alan Turing is credited with cracking Nazi Germany’s Enigma code, in the process shortening World War Two, and saving countless lives.

He was also a mathematical genius, the father of the modern computer and much of his ground-breaking work was conducted at the University of Manchester.

Today, mathematics students at the university attend lectures in the building bearing his name.

But it was also in Manchester, in 1952, that Dr Turing was arrested for having sex with another man, which was then an illegal act.”* Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Ana Kasparian and Jimmy Dore break it down on The Young Turks.

*Read more here from Katie Cooksey / BBC:

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  1. Why are these idiots using 'castration' as if he had his balls removed? He was made to take drugs that stopped him becoming aroused. That's it. Sex offenders can get the same treatment today as part of their sentence. It is NOT 'castration' of any kind, nothing is damaged or removed.

  2. Chemically castrating someone back then wasn't what it is today wherein it is used on self-admitted pedophiles. Back then, the chemicals ruined your mind and your body, it was basically poison to the point that your body stop having some urges because it was trying to survive. Today it just blocks nerve-endings etc. so you don't feel any urge, back then it was like chemo-therapy which is basically killing the body but hoping the cancer dies first. Only in this case, it's his sexuality.

  3. They didn't even tell people they had broken the Enigma code until 1950s. Few at the top were given the code so they could hide in bunkers and come out like heroes after, while many had their homes bombed. I would never fight in a war for Britain while Tories exist, as the generation who fought in WW2 were the generation in the 1980s who were dying of the cold after Tories stole and sold off public owned energy.

  4. public void theFateOfTheWorldDuringWWII(){

    System.out.println("The world will look like it does today :D");
    System.out.println("The world would be really different today :(");

    //RIP Alan Turing, you're contribution will never be forgotten coming from a JAVA programmer!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I feel very ashamed of my country over the treatment of Alan Turing, I would also like to add that after his conviction he was banned from entering the US.

  6. Alan Turing was a great man and responsible for making the first modern computer but shouldn't Charles Babbage be considered the father of the modern computer

  7. Anna father of computer is charles babage.
    Some how cenk is right about turing being father of modern computing, because he fomed the idea of algorithms( basis of modern day computing )

  8. ok, yes what happened to Alan Turing is one of the saddest and most unforgivable things that happened and as a British person, I'm a bit ashamed , but it's not as straight forward as "hey you won us the war, but we're gonna chemically castrate you" after the war Turing and all those a Bletchley park had their military records classed as top secret and his military records technically didn't even exist for a few decades after the war ended. So when the police arrested him in the 50s, they didn't know who or what he did in the war, they couldn't just look up what he did during the war because it was classified and the government denied he did anything. It wasn't until a few decades after the war that his records were available for all to see and people knew what he did. I'm not trying to justify what happened to him in any way, but when he got arrested he wasn't Alan Turing; The guy who broke the enigma code and won us the war, he was just Alan Turing the homosexual. Also just like to comment on the "not 1852, but 1952" remark, I'm sure America was utopia for gays in the 50s.

  9. father of modern computers? Way to undermine his accomplishments.. He is the father of modern computing/computer science. He laid the mathematical and theoretical foundations that described a computational machine and worked on a fair amount of other mathematical work like recursion theory with stephen kleene, which is now essential in a lot of computational operations. I think, being in the information age, we should be more aware of a man that did so much for the field of computer science

  10. Correction: Alan didn't alone broke the enigma code. Polish got a one machine of engima then studied them. they were successful partially decoding the enigma, but then Hitler invaded Poland and the Enigma machine with its deciphering letters were sent to Britain to help allies win the war. British made a priority in breaking the Enigma fully and with the help of matimaticans and Alan they finally decoded all of it. But without Polish British wouldnt break the code in 50 years.

  11. I don't think alan turing saved millions of people.I think he saved billions.Hitler would have defeated Britain got nuclear weapons and then nuclear armaggedon.The greatest injustice since the murder of jesus Christ.That is in how high reguard I hold this man.R.I.P alan turing

  12. Poor guy, he did so much and was tossed aside. Thank God, they decided to at the very least clear his name of any black spots. They could have just exiled him, US would have taken him and had him working for us. maybe we would all be typing on holographic keyboards or pda's that talked back to us.

  13. As an anglophile,
    if a person who pretty much gave the allies the advantage over the axis in ww2, and invented the computer, was tortured like this for being gay,
    i shudder to think what i would have experienced at the hand of the british for being gay.
    Shame on you, britain. This will forever be a black spot on your reputation. And will haunt you forever. Just like nearly everything america does nowadays.

  14. Well just remember the UK has come a long way in the last 150 years: homosexuals were hanged until 1861, life imprisonment until 1885, up to 10 years in prison until 1967. Legalised for people over 18 or 21 in 1967 and then legalised for over 16s in about 1998. Not perfect but better than many. 

  15. +DerrenBrown100 you call yourself a scientist and come up with crap of such low, sophomoric level? I'm a religious person, and I'm getting offended here, because you're outright mocking religion with that comment.

    Sure, if your God is an omnipotent one, he could have stopped/prevented the World Wars, but then the question is, why didn't he? What's your answer to that?

    Now, by the questions you keep asking and the claims you keep making, you're either stupid or ignorant. Can you yourself tell the difference?

    Allan Turing was more than likely turned in by a religious freak like you, who thinks it's all about your precious faith that is so weak that it suffers no questioning whatever. Actually it was a jilted loverboy, who probably was angry that Turing got so much credit for the Enigma breaking. If you seriously doubt that, btw, go to Wikipedia and do your homework for change!

  16. Allan Turing is the reason we have some freedom of speech in this world: he not only broke the Enigma code, and with plenty of evidence of that, too; he also created a mechanical computer that was based on binary ports that were either on or off. Which is why your computer runs exactly like that, only the logical ports aren't mechanical but electronic.

    Waiting for the quantum computer!

  17. Operation Paperclip and Operation Ball Snip. Both made zero sense (unless you factor into account who actually rules the world, then it makes perfect sense). Tragic.

  18. hey thanks for helping us save our country and the world from religious fascism but because we dont like how you have sex you have the choice to relinquish part of your humanity of spend the rest of your life in prison.

  19. Personally I don't think there's a great deal of point to posthumous pardons. If the person in question in dead, then it makes no difference to them one way or another. However, at least in the cases of Derek Bentley and Timothy Evans (two of the three other people who have been granted pardons), it was recognised that they did not commit the crimes they were hanged for. Whereas in Turing's case – he was guilty of gross indecency, which – like it or not – was an offence at the time. You cannot project current opinions and modern morality onto the past. Where then, do you draw the line? Do you then pardon all the people who were burned at the stake for being religious martyrs? You'll be here till the next century if you do. Plus there is a big myth about Alan Turing being the man who "beat the Nazis by cracking their codes". Turing was a gifted mathematician, yes. But the REAL unsung genius of Bletchley Park was one Mr Tommy Flowers – who designed "Colossus", the world's first computer, which cracked the "Tunny" code! "Tunny" was, incidentally, far harder to decipher than "Enigma" and Turing had nothing to do with either it or with the building of Colossus. It was the cracking of Tunny which shortened the war by two years. But sadly Tommy Flowers never got the recognition he deserved – and I bet you have never of him either!

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