Pregnancy talk when barebacking

Last night, I was responding to a friend’s question, asking me about the most intimate sexual experience I’ve had. I mentioned a Hispanic guy I dated part of last year. He talked constantly about wanting to impregnate me, for me to have his baby. And so, he came inside me deeply, each time we met. Hearing me describe this, my friend looked at me as if I had three heads. But it made me wonder if others have had the same fantasies.

Clearly, Manny and I were both astute enough to understand biology and pregnancy. That said, it was a powerful metaphor. Manny came from a large family and believed that intercourse should naturally result in insemination, which should be life creating. He talked a lot about young and fertile I was, and how potent he was. He was sure that if he inseminated me often enough, I’d bear him a child. He bragged he was gonna knock me up when he was fucking me. And he held me after he came in me, staying inside me so that his sperm could swim deep inside me and not leak out. (He was a massive shooter; it was always messy.) It wasn’t about status, but family.

When we first started dating, the talk seemed frankly ridiculous. And yet, he was totally sincere (and insistent). After a while, I began to see the intimacy of it, and actually did fantasize about him impregnating me, which turned him on more. The whole premise made our sex more intimate and fun. I’ve certainly allowed other men to cum inside me, but I haven’t enjoyed that level of intimacy.

Have other tops and/or bottoms experienced it?


  1. Absolutely! Love mpreg talk when breeding a man. It encapsulates so much about virility, masculinity… It really gets me going.

  2. As a top with a thick cock that shoots huge loads, I LOVE doing this to my bottoms. So many of them are super into the fantasy of getting pregnant, and practically melt when I tell them how much cum I’m going to pump into their fertile womb, and how pregnant they’ll be after I’m done with them.

    What’s interesting is that I’ve also had sex with (and bred) a couple of trans guys, who definitely are NOT down for that stuff despite actually being able to get pregnant (well, not really since they’ve had hysterectomys) mostly trying to distance from any terminology that could be perceived as feminine.

  3. Honestly I probably have an unhealthy obsession with that fantasy lol! A white guy used to fuck me (I’m black). He was really masc and I was kinda fem. He’d rail my pussy hard and then afterwards we’d talk about what beautiful interracial babies we’d have together as I rested my head on his chest…

    I broke things off for no good reason. I guess I’m so used to sabatoging myself I couldn’t help it.

  4. I fucking love breeding play. Even though I am happily cis male, I always wished I could get pregnant. When I feel a guy pumping into my guts I feel so happy

  5. Well after reading all the comments here I’m clearly gonna be trying to impregnate my next boy. Make sure he understands how much I want him to have my future boys.

  6. 100% into it! Didn’t realise until last year while watching some amateur porn and one of the guys mentioned getting the bottom pregnant, I shot straight away. Figured out recently it’s quite a specific type of guy that I’m into it with! Just need to find a top into it, the guys I’ve been with since have been on the more vanilla side unfortunately

  7. I love a verbal top no matter what he’s saying but I do find it really hot when they treat me like a woman (calling my asshole a pussy and talking about getting me pregnant) also love it when they have that alpha male mentality and dominate me

  8. Sometimes I wish I could get pregante. 4 kids at least, preferably girls, my generation was all boys throughout my immediate family.

  9. Definitely 100% into it. I love verbal talk when getting fucked, and breeding and mpreg talk is at the top of the list of what I like. For me (a sub) I love it because it makes me feel used, dirty, humiliated, etc and that’s what I’m into. I also like the idea of dominance being asserted over me that’s associated with him “getting me pregnant” and cumming inside me. So far though it’s just been talk, have yet to have bareback sex.

  10. I’ve never had bareback sex but this post takes me back to one of my earlier times. I was in bed with a married man, and I had never been with someone as large as him. He was gentle at first, but then he put me on my stomach with a pillow under me, and gradually started increasing the tempo.

    To my utter shock not only was I able to take his cock, I started moaning and whimpering like a little girl. He was really pounding me, making my entire body shake. My ass was rippling with the force of his thrusts.

    Grunting, he smacked my ass hard, holding onto it, and told me how he was going to turn ‘this sweet, slut-like ass into a pussy’ while looking at it the entire time. That moment was perfect, and looking back, that was what really started my own impregnation fetish. It just changed me, much to my(and his) delight.

  11. I think it would really weird me out. But I also don’t much care for calling bottoms girls or feminization in general. I think being with a man, and cumming inside each other is already an amazing intimacy. But if you like it, I’m glad you both have fun. 🙂

  12. There are dudes into it – most bottoms do enjoy a verbal top making clear they’re being used.

    But the pregnancy thing is a turn off for the vast majority of bottoms, in my experience. Most bottom guys like the fact that they’re not women, and I know as a top, I’m certainly happy I’m not fucking one.

    It’s not a weird fantasy or verbal talk, by any means. But it’s not something you roll out without testing ground first. A bit of a land mine.

  13. Oh yes, I’m right there with you guys on this. It’s all about that primal male drive to create children. I love every second of it.

  14. My FWB always talks about me getting him pregnant, and I’ve never been bothered by it. For me, it speaks to a level of intimacy between him and I (he’s one of my best friends, sex aside), and the thought that he would love to have my child if it was possible is kind of endearing to me. Every time he tells me to get him pregnant, I always respond “I’m trying, but we need to try harder”, and we have awesome sex after. It may not be for everyone, but honestly, with him (or if I found someone long-term who said it), I love the thought even though it isn’t actually ever going to happen.

    We would have cute babies, though, if it was possible, lol.

  15. like in a MOSTLY non sexual way, its kinda like sweet. its like “yo i cant get you pregnant but if i could, i would most definitely.” and like omg, thats so sweet im flattered.

  16. I personally find it weird, and don’t like the whole “breed me” mentality, all of that type of language is very off-putting to me.


    Having said that, if it’s a fantasy for you and turns you on, you can say whatever you like. Providing it isn’t an actual delusion which would indicate some mental health issues.

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